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To kick off the year 2012, the whole Dreamland Team comes together to tell you just what they expect the new year to mean. Do they think that the world might actually end in December of 2012? Or is the truth closer of what Linda Howe tells us, drawing on her interview with calendar expert Jose Arguelles, who first pointed out that the final date in the Mayan Calendar takes place this year. No matter what that means or does not mean, 2012 is stacking up to be quite a year, and you can be sure that the Dreamland Team is well ahead of the curve. Don’t miss this fascinating journey into some of the most brilliant and unique minds in radio. William Henry, James Beeson, Linda Moulton Howe, Jim Marrs and Whitley Strieber all participate in this terrific show, which is filled with excellent information. The perfect way to begin your journey through 2012.

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  1. On December 26th, I observed
    On December 26th, I observed something very weird. I have a bird feeder in my backyard, and on that morning my friend and I were watching a small flock of Inca Doves sitting on the ground eating seeds that had fallen from the feeder. My friend walked away and I continued watching the birds. I love watching doves—while not colorful, there is a sweetness about them that I find very appealing. As I watched, they suddenly stopped moving. They all had their heads bowed, and they did not move at all. They appeared frozen. They sat there for so long that I called my friend to come quickly. For about a minute we observed this odd behavior before the birds began moving again. To quote my friend, “It was like something out of the ‘Twilight Zone’!”.

    My logical mind decided that the doves must have been aware of a hawk or other raptor overhead and froze as a survival mechanism, but in all my years of watching all kinds of birds, I have never seen this happen before. Doves usually just scatter when they sense danger.

    The next day an acquaintance in Brooklyn, NY mentioned on her website that the city seemed eerily quiet for the day after Christmas, almost as if in “suspended animation”.

    Quite strange…

    More to the point, strange glitches in my own reality have become more common, and I have a sense that something major is coming, and that some of us are in training for the big event, whatever it may be. I do not have a feeling of foreboding, or even a feeling of an aerie-faerie Utopian future…just that profound changes are on the way and that we must keep our minds, and hearts, wide open for what is to come.

    December 26th happens to be my birthday. It is the anniversary date of odd events in Rendlesham Forest 31 years ago, Whitley’s first extraordinary events at a cabin in upstate New York, as well as one of the first great destructive, natural events of our century, the earthquake and tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004. My birthday is not particularly important, but it does give me pause when I notice events on that date and their impact on humanity and my sense of reality…even doves peacefully eating away at seeds and grain and freezing in the moment.

    These are exciting times, and I am so glad to be here! A very happy, and blessed New Year to one and all!

  2. I’ve never had problems
    I’ve never had problems downloading special programs; this one is telling me I’m missing a codex??? Dreamland and past specials loaded fine and dandy.

    Low Band downloaded okay (never had to try that one – LOL).

  3. My predictions,for what
    My predictions,for what they’re worth
    1)War with Iran by Oct
    2)Dollar will be devalued
    3)Global economic collapse
    4)Occupy protestors branded as domestic terrorists and detained in FEMA Camps
    5)Martial law declared as American citizens explode in fury as lie after lie is uncovered by alternative media covering occupy groups and also due to Anonymous who will expose a massive scandal involving 99% of Congress.
    6)Many people in the World wake to the fact that all wars are caused by profit making psychos,armies begin to overthrow their governments and members of the Bilderbergers,CFR’s and the Trilateral commission are sought,hunted down and lynched en masse by defecting special ops and secret service.All their schemes will be uncovered to the stunned shock of the masses.
    7)Information will come out that we were being manipulated from a higher dimension by cosmic jailers who have us imprisoned here,this will be a half hearted attempt by the NWO to justify their actions.
    Take them all tongue in cheek but we are in for a white knuckle ride.Happy 2012

  4. I’m getting the missing codec
    I’m getting the missing codec error message also and as posted above, I’ve never had trouble before. Tried to fix it on my end to no avail. Now I can only listen to the free versions of all the shows and can’t listen to the Subscriber specials at all. If this isn’t addressed soon you will lose a long term member.

  5. Please bring back John
    Please bring back John Petersen and ask him his advice for how to prepare for what’s coming at us this year. Thanks Whitley for all you do for us – great interviews, the best sf/spiritual books out there, and your honesty about what you have endured. I admire you very much.

  6. My 2012 predictions:
    1. The

    My 2012 predictions:

    1. The Mayan Calender Girls will get their own show on Cinemax.
    2. The Master of the Key will reveal himself with his own podcast.
    3. Obama will admit he was not born on US soil and every exec order he signed will be deemed invalid by the Supreme Court.
    4. Richard Goagland will spontaneously combust.
    5. Many suicides occur from 2012 end time fears.
    6. Whitley Strieber will get a 3 book $5,000,000 publishing deal.
    7. Art Bell will return to the radio after George Noory’s health issues causing him to leave,
    8. Pakistan will nuke India.
    9. Sean David Morton will get into sex scandal but is really an illumoinati set up.
    10. Three hybrids will reveal themselves on TV
    11. Syria will fall.
    12. Suicide bombers hit shopping malls in Nov-Dec
    13. False flag bogus alien holographs appear May 5
    14. Al Bielik will return in new body
    15. Atlas will shrug

  7. I’m sorry to say I have been
    I’m sorry to say I have been able to find nothing on the internet pertaining to Soviet astronauts losing their memory or their minds due to lack of magnetic shielding in space or any reference anywhere to any type of “local magnetic sheilding” on spacecraft. I found the following website to be very helping in dispelling that notion, in particular questions #48 and 64:

    So, even if the Earth does have a pole reversal this year, you don’t have to worry about losing your mind! Or even being affected by solar radiation, since our atmosphere is what shields us from that.

    1. They may not have lost their
      They may not have lost their minds but there is something about the early Russian astronauts aging very, very quickly after returning to earth but not due to a lack of shielding. It was due to leaving the magnetic resonance of the earth. The result was that the Russians developed magnetic resonance mats to allow the earth’s magnetic (Schumann?) resonance to be simulated in space. Or that’s how I understand it.

  8. I’m getting the missing codex
    I’m getting the missing codex message also. I’m not that savvy on computers and don’t know how to “fix” it.

  9. the above predictions are
    the above predictions are hilarious – ah, if only!

  10. Let’s face it… none of us
    Let’s face it… none of us will get out of this alive. It’s not our end that should concern us; that’s inevitable. The quality of living day by day, in the now, and in harmony with all whom we come into contact, that is really what’s important. Fear, doom and gloom, and visions of catastrophe are a waste of time and will actually lead to producing minor events that appear terrible. We have been through all this before and will continue to exist as a species on a world that will endure. Happy New Year to all.

  11. So are comments on this page
    So are comments on this page screened and deleted if they aren’t flattering of dreamland?
    I’m a paying subscriber and I would like to know.

  12. @Frost1177 – Unknowncountry
    @Frost1177 – Unknowncountry is an open forum, and we encourage expression of views so long as they are constructive and not abusive to others. Have your say.

  13. Surrender yourself to your
    Surrender yourself to your own high self. Lose your fear, and close the chasm between each other. Forgive yourself and every other person who has done “the unforgivable” to you, so that you may unchain yourself from the lies of life. Do not look into the eyes of death with fear, for you are immortal. Cherish every one and every moment, and you will become truly conscious. May you let the kingdom come. However, remember this the kingdom comes from “within”. The development of your vision of reality will reveal what this really means.

  14. @gaucin Here here
    @gaucin Here here

  15. This was a lovely episode.
    This was a lovely episode. Since July 2011 I’ve listened to as many shows as interested me in the mp3 show archives back to 2001, and thereby got familiar with the gang that appears on the show with Whitley. I really felt a positive human connection to each of them due to their sincere best wishes expressed to the audience in a familial manner. I appreciate it 🙂 .

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