I–or rather, we–have finally finished A New World. I have been working on it for three years, and intensively since February of this year. The visitors have worked with me directly since February of 2019. A year before, I had a sort of fight with them over why they remainread more

More and more US Navy pilots are reporting UFOs, to the point that the events have become a minor part of the news cycle. The reason for this is that nobody knows what significance they have, so, beyond the reports, there would appear to be little to say. There haveread more

On the night of February 17-18, 2019 and again in the late evening of the 18th, I had a dramatic series of close encounters that reinforced an urgent message about the book I am now writing: the manuscript must be finished by the end of March, 2019. When this happened,read more

So the new website is delayed again and once again just as we were about to deploy it. This is the third time in two years. The first time, within just weeks of deployment it was flooded with malware and had to be started over from scratch. (I have backups, of course) The second group want to move it to Amazon Web Services, which we did. Then, of all the odd things to happen, the machine it was no in Amazon’s vast server farm was physically destroyed! (Hacking AWS is next to impossible, which is why we moved there. But when the site is physically destroy, you have to wonder if you’ve got some kind of problem that is unusual.
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