UPDATE: I had my brain operation on May 1st, during which several non-cancerous tumors were removed. For some reason, in my life, these experiences always involve jewelry. This time, a nurse brought me a pin that said “I’ve just had brain surgery, what’s your excuse?”

I’m writing this diary from a hospital room, having had one brain operation and waiting to have another (more serious) one. For those of you who have not been in a hospital recently (or ever), the main problem is not pain–it’s boredom and bad food. I wonder if these two things aren’t intentional: A way to make you want to get well and go home soon.

As most of you know, I had a "brain bleed" (burst aneurysm) 8 years ago, something I’ve diaried extensively about. Lately, my brain problems have returned: A few weeks ago I found myself in an ambulance, not knowing who or where I was. One thing about a grand mal seizure–it really messes up your mattress, mainly because you bite the hell out of your tongue.

After that incident, our G.P. referred me to a neurologist, who did an EEG and a CAT scan and saw things inside my head that made him think I should immediately pack a bag and check into the Emergency Room in the hospital where the doctor who saved my life last time practices–and so I did.

After more tests, it was determined that the neck of my old aneurysm was weakening, and a benign (not cancerous) tumor called a meningioma was discovered growing around it. So the aneurysm needed to be re-coiled and the meningioma removed. The coiling has been done and I’m now up and walking to the bathroom again–not to mention eating real food–but I’m waiting for my doctor to do the more serious operation, which is the removal of the meningioma. They may have to cut a small artery in order to do this, meaning that I might lose a bit of my peripheral vision. This surgery is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, because the doctor wants my brain to settle down for a few days post the coiling operation.

I had planned to start taking driving lessons again, but those plans are over (for now, anyway), so despite the fact that I used to drive around San Antonio, I will remain a non-driver in Los Angeles for an indeterminate time in the future.

For the coiling, the doctors were able to snake a tiny TV camera up my groin, but for the major operation, I will need to have my head shaved again, so there goes my hair style, such as it is. Wouldn’t you know it, I just gave away all my wigs–to a friend who is having chemotherapy.

This all happened just before we were scheduled to take a business trip to New York City. We also had an NYC trip schedules in mid-October, 2004, when this happened to me the FIRST time. Whitley said, "Maybe we shouldn’t plan any more New York trips."

But I plan to get well and take LOTS more of them. There are lots of OTHER places I want to go, too!

I was talking with a San Antonio friend on the phone and we both agreed on one thing: Having brain surgery is the PERFECT excuse not to do something.

"I’d love to come to your dinner party, but I can’t–I’m having brain surgery."

"I’d love to take a meeting with you, but I can’t: My wife is having brain surgery."

You can’t beat that one!

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  1. Anne. You are brilliant. I
    Anne. You are brilliant. I don’t know what else to say. x

  2. Anne has an exquisitely
    Anne has an exquisitely beautiful and brilliant mind, and I consider it my trust and my privilege to help her keep her rather fragile brain working. We really dodged a bullet on this one, but she’s in the right place and the first surgery went off well. I pray a lot anyway, but I have stepped it up for this. I don’t like to bother God with my problems, so my prayers are prayers of thanks for giving me my beautiful wife, and hope that the little boat of her life and our lives together will be guided safely through this storm.

    1. To my beautiful radio friends
      To my beautiful radio friends that I have not yet met, I surround you both with prayers of thanksgiving for all that we have shared and all that we will yet share. So many of us went with you throught the first operation in love and trust and we are with you now, holding the vision of wellness and many more joyous years to come.
      Love and blessings to yuo both,

  3. Much love and best wishes to
    Much love and best wishes to you and Whitley, Anne.

  4. Best wishes for a speedy
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery Anne! Good to see you still have your sense of humor. My mom had a meningioma removed years ago but without the other complications you’re juggling. They suspect hers was a side effect of hormone replacement therapy. I’m sure it will all go well!

  5. I will continue to keep you
    I will continue to keep you both in my prayers.

  6. Excuses. Excuses. 🙂
    In all

    Excuses. Excuses. 🙂
    In all seriousness, your brain is a national treasure we can’t afford to lose. I pray for the very best of outcomes and amazing recovery. Sending some green light your way.

  7. Anne I wish you all the best
    Anne I wish you all the best for your next surgery and look forward to hearing you on future episodes of dreamland and the subscriber interviews x

  8. Wishing you a speedy
    Wishing you a speedy recovery, Anne. Enjoy your dreamland interviews and have also been listening to the Mysterious Powers archive. Great stuff. Get Well soon. We’re all thinking about and praying for you and Whitley.

  9. You’re certainly one of a
    You’re certainly one of a kind Anne 🙂
    Sending you healing thoughts and energy and love & support to you both.
    All the best for Wednesday x

  10. OUR DEAREST ANNE, I have this
    OUR DEAREST ANNE, I have this feeling that you will come through the surgery on Wednesday with flying colors. How could you not with sooo many people praying for you. If by chance you lose some of your peripheral vision, then, for sure you are going to have to start using your third eye along with the other two.

    The Power of Prayer (Edgar Cayce)

    Thy prayers ascend to the throne of God, and the angel of each entity stands before the throne to make intercession. Not as a physical throne, no; but that consciousness in which we may be so attuned that we become one with the whole in lending power and strength to each entity for whom you speak and pray. –3954-1

    For the power of prayer is not matched even by the devil himself. Hence with that attitude of being as persistent as the devil, you will bring a strength. But if you do so doubting, you are already half lost. The desires of the body are to do right! Then aid those desires in the right direction; for the power of right exceeds — ever and always. Like the devil himself — PRAY! –1439-2

  11. Wishing you a full and
    Wishing you a full and speedily recovery!!!!!!!

  12. I agree with Carolee, the
    I agree with Carolee, the power of prayer is amazing so I am sure you will recover quickly and be around to bless us for many years to come!

  13. Dear Anne,
    I came to the

    Dear Anne,
    I came to the website today to thank you for the brilliance and clarity of your mind, as you shine it upon so many subjects in so many different ways. Whenever I hear one of your interviews or read your column, whether I agree or not, you have always helped me to look at some subject or idea or person in quite a different and creative way, and there are few people that can do that! : -)
    Now I see that you are to have surgery. I hold you in healing prayers of blessing. I have a sense that not only will this surgery be exceptionally successful, but you will function even better than before, and your life will flower forth in some new, fruitful and delightful ways. Deep appreciation to you, and powerful blessings to you!

  14. It sure beats my usual
    It sure beats my usual excuse, which is “I can’t come – I’ve got RUGBY!” Blessings on you, and a quick recovery!

  15. Very serious and concerning
    Very serious and concerning news indeed. We’ll be waiting for good news on Wednesday and doing prayer and meditation to help bring it along. You guys are great, keep up your spirits and your strength.

  16. Holding you in good energy
    Holding you in good energy and Bright Blessings. Good thoughts and prayers for both you and Whitley.

  17. Dear Anne and Whitley, My
    Dear Anne and Whitley, My prayers and love go out to both of you.

  18. Anne, I am sending you best,
    Anne, I am sending you best, best wishes for the easiest possible recovery. I am thinking of you both & wishing you well.

  19. Anne – I’m praying for a
    Anne – I’m praying for a speedy, healthy healing and recovery for you.

  20. Sending prayers for healing
    Sending prayers for healing and comfort Anne! Love and hugs to all! Wishing a speedy recovery and blessings!

  21. Best wishes for a speedy
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  22. Anne, We are honored to know
    Anne, We are honored to know what is happening and thus given the opportunity to pray for all your family. Whitley, the depth and beauty in your words surely match the gift you are for each other. May you both walk out of the hospital with joy, when this is done. Know we are all sending our love and prayers for both of you and your son’s family as well. May the Light guide the doctor’s hands, Wisdom and Grace work with all who care for you, such that you heal quickly and well. May you dance among the trees and flowers, feel the rain as it cools and soothes this beautiful Home, and may your mind continue to soar in the heavens.

  23. oh, anne. you are so
    oh, anne. you are so beautiful! i have asked God for angels to stand guard over you — big, strong, in your face kinda angels if anything or anybody tries to mess w/you ;). you and your indomitable spirit! . . . and just when i was draggin’ my heels and feeling oh so low down — girl, you put me to shame 🙂

  24. I hope your surgery goes well
    I hope your surgery goes well tomorrow Anne. You are worth much to a lot of people and we won’t let you go so easily. We will pray for your health and safety through this tough time. Best wishes, Bearing.

  25. I will be praying for your
    I will be praying for your recovery. Think positively!

  26. Dear Anne – you will be in my
    Dear Anne – you will be in my thoughts and many other peoples thoughts today and in the coming days as you recover from your surgery. Much love and blessings Anne. Everyone will look forward to your next diary entry, when you feel well enough.

  27. All the very best and highest
    All the very best and highest positive energy from Britain Mrs Strieber.

    Just like everyone else, I will be asking our silent helpers to emanate healing and perfect recovery from your surgery. God bless you both.

  28. Anne, I wish you a successful
    Anne, I wish you a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.

  29. Speedy recovery!
    Speedy recovery!

  30. Dear Anne,
    In my prayers I

    Dear Anne,
    In my prayers I see you shining in beautiful, radiant health. Picture perfect. Sending you loving hugs and positive thoughts. Be well.

  31. Wishing you the smoothest and
    Wishing you the smoothest and easiest of recoveries.

  32. I have the highest regard for
    I have the highest regard for both you and Whitney two of the bravest most honest people i have come across in my life. I’m sure this lifes journey has many more adventures for you both. Wish you a speedy recovery and deepest love to you both!

  33. Good luck Anne with your
    Good luck Anne with your surgery and God bless you.

  34. Morning Anne – thinking of
    Morning Anne – thinking of you on the upswing surrounded by love and light.

  35. Get well, Anne. Looking
    Get well, Anne. Looking forward to continuing the journey!

  36. Thanks Anne. You are loved by
    Thanks Anne. You are loved by many, including myself. Whitley needs you in this life. I know you will be fine. Best wishes for you nonetheless. Remember, wherever you go, bags are optional.

  37. Back in 2004, as best I
    Back in 2004, as best I could, I determined the time of your operation (it was morning for you, but late afternoon here in Britain) and asked our silent helpers to help you (and your husband) out with speedy healing and perfect recovery (just as everyone else was doing).

    I’d been repeating the request for a few minutes, when a golden light radiated from one of the walls in my study. It never happened before and up until the other evening, hadn’t since.

    The evening of May the first, I went to bed early and quietly asked the helpers for the same speedy recovery assistance.

    There, on my far bedroom wall was a roughly oval shaped area of golden light. Now, it was still light outside and the curtains were completely drawn. It hasn’t happened there before and I see no way that it was any kind of reflection from another source.

    I’ll leave others to ponder this but I’ve described this exactly as it happened and I am confident that Mrs Strieber will enjoy bouncing back nicely from her stay in hospital.

    If only everyone would respectfully ask our silent helpers around us for discreet assistance, maybe the whole world would be bathed in amber radiance more of the time.

    All the best…

  38. Have a speedy recovery and
    Have a speedy recovery and even though you probably won’t see your siamese cat this time (who knows though), that was a great allegorical vision you had last time!

  39. Anne,
    You are much loved.


    You are much loved. That is really all that matters, love surrounds you, and you are in the hands of Spirit. Breathe deep and give thanks.

  40. Anne, I love your interviews.
    Anne, I love your interviews. I’m praying for the best outcome on Tuesday. You are going to have to take those driving lessons. Love.

  41. Anne, you will be in my
    Anne, you will be in my prayers for surgery and recovery and resuming the life you so richly deserve.

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