You may think you’ve had some odd experiences (especially if you’ve had VISITOR experiences), but I think something that happened to me is right up there at the top.

I woke up to find several faces peering down at me, asking me questions like, "What’s your name?" "What date is it today?" "Who’s the President?," and I COULDN’T THINK OF THE ANSWERS!

I often can’t remember the date, but I DO know my name (and Obama’s too).

I was in an ambulance, being whisked to the hospital, after having had a seizure. It turned out this as set off by a certain type of prescription cough medicine I had taken for the hacking cough that was keeping me awake all night.

I believe in good doctoring, and I’ve been to see a neurologist and will soon have some tests, but everyone agrees it was the cough medicine that did it. It could be that I’m particularly sensitive to it.

Whatever, it caused me to bite the he– out of my tongue. You don’t realize how much you use that organ until it’s too sore to function anymore.

I also flipped my feet around so much during my gyrations that I now have a limp (I’m going to see a doctor about THAT too!)

Poor Whitley was woken up by a scrunching sound, and looked over to see my eyes rolled back into my head and my limbs jerking uncontrollably. He didn’t fool around: He called EMS.

I’m not going to "throw the baby out with the bathwater" (does anyone still use this phrase?) and forgo prescription medicines, which can be lifesaving, but I AM going to avoid this type of medicine in the future.

In the meantime, I’m limping around and subsisting on soft foods.

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  1. Oh my goodness, Anne… not a
    Oh my goodness, Anne… not a fun experience. I’m glad you’re doing better. Hang in there….

  2. Anne, please stay well…..We
    Anne, please stay well…..We LOVE you…..For sure you are in my prayers for continued good health.

  3. Holy moley, what a
    Holy moley, what a frightening experience. Wishing you well.

  4. I hope you are back at home
    I hope you are back at home and that you will not have to spend too much time and energy at the medical facility you attend. There is some level of challenge we baby-boomers and folks in general go through. I send you and Whitley my best wishes. I have my mom with us and she is 86. We also take care of my wife’s parents also in their later eighties. Still up here in the Palisades; taking it a day at a time and still trying to make some plans.

  5. I also had a prescription
    I also had a prescription induced seizure years ago. I fell and hit the bath tub breaking a rib, and also reduced my tounge to hamburg. It put me off all prescription drugs for years. I was alone at home at the time. I somehow made my way to my bed and woke up hours later in the middle of the day with no memory of what happened. Very scary.

  6. I discovered (from our
    I discovered (from our dentist) that the way to help heal chewed tastebuds (and other mouth sores) is to gargle Milk of Magnesia (just don’t swallow it, or you’ll spend the day you-know-where). Turns out what our acidic mouths need to heal is a good base, and that’s what MOM is. My first impulse was to gargle Listerine, but that was the totally wrong thing to do.

    1. Makes sense. Alkaline water
      Makes sense. Alkaline water pH 9-10 would help. Anne try beyond 02 waterhouse in Venice. They have a special H2O preparation with an even higher pH and more magnesium.

  7. Want to heal a cough, prevent
    Want to heal a cough, prevent or heal bronchitis and even halt pneumonia? Juice the fresh organic vegetable daikon and sweeten with as much pure honey as you’d like; you’ll need it as daikon is sulphurous : )

  8. Wow, Anne. Prayers and
    Wow, Anne. Prayers and healing thoughts to you!

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