When asked as to what the government’s contingency for handling a first-contact scenario with extraterrestrials, UFO investigator Nick Pope had a simple answer:
"There’s no plan."
"There’s no contingency plan as far as I’m aware," Pope elaborated, during an interview with the UK’s Metro.co.uk. "The government’s answer would be that, ‘We regard this as an incredibly small possibility’. But I would say, why not have a plan if there’s even the smallest possibility of it happening."read more

After interviewing Freddy Silva for this week’s Dreamland, Whitley had further insights into his powerful encounter with Anne of two weeks ago. During that encounter, he saw her three times, each time wearing a robe of a different color: red, green, then blue. Now he knows why she wore those specific colors and why they were so vividly alive, the richest colors he has ever seen.

He fascinatingly relates this experience to a close encounter he had in a hotel room in San Francisco nearly 20 years ago, and shows how the two taken together offer a wonderful new vision of the soul.
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As the dying leave this world, they often get a glimpse of what lies beyond. And often describe what they see to their loved ones. But it goes farther. Much farther. Dead friends and relatives return, sometimes even leaving messages or information that cannot be explained in any conventional way.

Listen as famed afterlife witness and researcher Josie Varga describes what caused her to enter on what has become a lifetime quest to know and understand more. She tells some deep and extraordinary stories about the process of crossing over, what is on the other side, and what the journey of life means.
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