Our closest cosmic neighbor is also a great cosmic mystery. It has power over us, exerting mysterious influences that have profoundly impacted our history and impacts the lives of every one of us every day. But what is the moon? Is the scientific theory that the moon is the result of a huge impact with Earth by a Mars-sized object billions of years ago correct? If not, then where did it come from?

Like Whitley Strieber, Kirk Sigurdson has led a life of high strangeness–but, boy, is it different from Whitley’s! A WILD show!

First, Linda Moulton Howe reports on the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, including a discussion–a rational and accurate one–of aircraft disappearances that have been connected to UFO events, of which there are three known, all involving much smaller planes.

On February 6, Whitley Strieber asked Starfire Tor during the recording of the Februrary 14 show if she could bring rain to parched California. Later that day, she emailed him that she was trying. There was no rain in the forecast. When the show aired, still no rain. But by the end of the month, a deluge. This is the second time Whitley has witnessed a Starfire rain prediction come true, and it’s why we’re having Starfire back to explain exactly what happened and why she thinks her Reality Shift Manifestation played a part in it.