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Our closest cosmic neighbor is also a great cosmic mystery. It has power over us, exerting mysterious influences that have profoundly impacted our history and impacts the lives of every one of us every day. But what is the moon? Is the scientific theory that the moon is the result of a huge impact with Earth by a Mars-sized object billions of years ago correct? If not, then where did it come from? And, given that higher forms couldn’t exist on Earth without the moon slowing down it’s rotational winds, could it be that our system is not natural at all, but something that was actually designed billions of years ago by some vastly capable unknown presence? And what does it mean that some occultists have called certain types of people ‘food for the moon?’ And what does it mean to ‘create a second moon within yourself?’

Join Whitley Strieber and Louis Proud on a journey to the moon that you will not soon forget!


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  1. The author touched on many
    The author touched on many things except the connection that probably matters the most and that’s the interdimensional connection of the moon and earth and the idea that the moon could be an interdimensional world. The hollow earth and the man on the moon or is it the man in the moon have no relation to each other do they? Is the breakaway civilization with its hyperdimensional physics and interdimensional worlds occupying the earth and the moon in other planes of physical reality? Why wouldn’t atlantis have left crystal structures on the moon in times past especially the dark side of the moon to avoid the sun effects? These skeletal structures and complexes were probably operated by beings living inside the moon’s interior on another plane that is far more accommodating to life. Perhaps this explains Ingo Swann’s comment about telepathy plus and why we haven’t been back to the moon because its occupied by someone else.

    1. One can’t avoid sun effects
      One can’t avoid sun effects by leaving crystal structures on the dark side of the moon. The dark side of the moon is dark to us, but as the moon revolves around the earth, the so-called dark side gets exposed to the sun for approximately the same amount time as the bright side.

  2. Ball lightning? Oh, yeah!

    Ball lightning? Oh, yeah!

    One night about 20 years ago my ex- husband and I were in bed sleeping, when we heard a huge clap of thunder that made us sit up in bed. Floating about 2 feet above our bed was a glowing ball of bluish-white light about the size of a basketball. It just sort of hovered over the bed for about 30 seconds, then it slowly dissipated and then disappeared completely. I remember asking my ex, “Did you see that?”. His response? “I don’t know. What did you see?” 🙂

    Another time I was watching TV alone in the den, when I had the odd feeling of being watched. I looked over into the kitchen and saw a ball of light, once more about the size of basketball, hovering over my dining room table. It hovered for a few more seconds, then slowly floated over and passed through the wall to the outside.

    For many years I have also observed orbs, mainly small ones, in all kinds of places and situations, and they do tend to hang around electronics, but I have also seen them zipping around in a cloudless sky as well. They also show up every now and then in some of my photos. The little dudes are everywhere!

  3. Hmm, interesting…
    Some time

    Hmm, interesting…

    Some time back, oh, say roughly 1999-2000, I was in bed, rather stressed.

    GFriend and I had parted company, I was living in a civil war atmosphere town and knew hardly anyone, working a tough job with very very long hours.

    Suddenly, I heard a loud whoosh, like a rush of air and I was out of my body. Instantly, I knew I could go anywhere and chose the Moon automatically, having not long before read Bob Monroe’s excellent, liberating tomes.

    WHOOSH!! I shot out into space, leaving the Earth behind me and then WHUMP! Straight back into my body. I was aware that I had been deliberately stopped from going there.

    Yes, I listened in time to John Lear rattle on about the soul receivers and the cities and computers with droids up there but I wonder..?

    Listening, these many years now, to Mr and Mrs Strieber, and others, talk about and demonstrate quite the most startling Human abilities, I’ve concluded that endless observation and quiet reflection are very worthy philosophies.

    Thus, I look up most nights or mornings (cycling to work in the dark) and look up at the old Moon above, and wonder who’s up there, looking down at little old me, with my legs moving me along, while they happily glide and soar above us on subtler wings.

    Yet, there also, hidden in the dark hedgerows as I cycle past, are the knowing eyes of a black Leopard that stalks this lush English countryside. Sometimes I say ‘Morning!’ to large shadows as I whizz by, never really knowing if it’s her.

    Add this to what David Paulides hints is lurking about and I think back to what someone, I forget whom, said recently:

    “This world is embedded in another…”


    1. Von Hausenberg, you appear to
      Von Hausenberg, you appear to have the soul of a poet.

  4. I used to be a fan of NASA
    I used to be a fan of NASA but not any more… I certainly feel they are hiding a lot of information from the public. Maybe it’s time for a private consortium to pursue an open exploration of the far side of the Moon. With the advent of private space exploration becoming feasible, a group of entrepreneurs could announce plans to send an orbiter to photograph the far side. I wonder how NASA would react to that!

    The Apollo 8 crew were the first humans to observe the far side of the Moon in human history. As Louis Proud states, after they established contact with Earth their first communication was “Be advised, there is a Santa Claus”. Go to Youtube and listen to the actual transmission. This is NOT a whimsical statement by Astronaut Lovell, and was not regarded by the Apollo ground controllers as such.

  5. BTW, I’m glad Buzz Aldrin
    BTW, I’m glad Buzz Aldrin punched the reporter in the nose. He called the astronaut a liar and a coward to his face. I think he deserved it…

  6. Anne, Whitley and Louis
    Anne, Whitley and Louis Proud, thank you for this interview. There is so much to think about on and off our little planet these days that I simply want to retreat into a book and forget for a while. Whitley, you ask about the BALLS OF LIGHT. Here is my family story as well as a few other things. The television series RESURRECTION is totally speculation on my part but it was fun trying to connect the dots.

    Several years ago while in Centerville, Missouri (Reynolds County in Southern Missouri) another family member and I stopped by the Reynolds County Genealogy Society to gather family documents/genealogy information.

    I ask the older gentleman working there if he had any memory of the BRUSHY CREEK UFO WAVE. He said “yes,” and that the whole town at one time or another went to the dump, (probably in Piedmont) sat on the hoods of their cars and simply watched the UFO’s flying around in the night sky.

    The reason for inquiring about this incident is because my grandparents lived in this area, time-wise around the 1930’s and/or the 1940’s, they are buried there. My grandmother always said she would fly on some nights (had no other way to express what was happening to her back then) and she often saw BALLS OF LIGHT. NOW THAT SAID, THIS IS WHAT I THINK INTERESTING. Last week my friend asked me if I was watching the new TV drama RESURRECTION. I was not.

    After filling me in on the first episode, she goes on to tell me that it all takes place in ARCADIA, MISSOURI. She wonders if the boy Jacob, (eight years of age when he died) was abducted by a UFO…..So, now I am really interested and start checking it out.!attractions-and-recreation/c5g1

    Were the individuals who are writing the TV script aware of the Piedmont UFO FLAP and were they also aware of the close proximity to Clearwater Lake/Dam and Arcadia? Also, Centerville, Ellington as well as other tiny towns in this location/area.

    “According to Greek mythology, Arcadia of Peloponnesus was the domain of Pan, a virgin wilderness home to the god of the forest and his court of dryads, nymphs and other spirits of nature. It was one version of paradise, though only in the sense of being the abode of supernatural entities, not an afterlife for deceased mortals.”

    Greek mythology inspired the Roman poet Virgil to write his Eclogues, a series of poems set in Arcadia.

    The BUSHY CREEK incident took place in 1973…..I did a little backward math:

    2014-1973= 41years ago, BUT, if you subtract Jacob’s age 8 instead of adding it, then you get 33….. As though he was never born. Jacob was gone for 32 years. I hope I haven’t confused myself or others and that this calculation adds up?????

    The TV RESURRECTION will certainly take many twists and turns before it is over but I could not help to see the similarities in location.

  7. My take on so very many
    My take on so very many Apollo transmissions is that they were cogent, fertile masonic ceremonies; not rituals; ceremonies.

    Listening to clips of many of them (I have not listened to all and very probably will not) they are loaded with spoken masonic symbols and wider ancient numerical metaphor.

    So many of you just swallow down what you hear and accept it. No wonder the profane are so easily judged. I agree that this is unfair.

    Or is it.? All that family soma,dragging you down, or up? All that taxation entropy pulling you down or tempering you into a sword of social responsibility.?

    Look, Jay Wiedner is on track BUT, the Apollo missions and all that mythological construct were a good thing IMHO. We need more of that and less shooting, becuase the latter seems to be the usual, contemporary alternative.

    In the 60’s the Western population was quite well educated and we just about avoided a war of glass dolls. Now though, educated masses go on strike and are a pain in the ass, so? We end up with dumbed down education and extra flouride in your Perrier.

    Ya know, you’d think the rulers wouldn’t poison themselves? Seems to me that either they are getting dumber or they are drinking as much tap water as the rest of us? If I’m right then we are truly f~~ked.

    John Hogue on coast summed it up the other day. ‘It’s a comin’ folks!’.


    They’ll be ok up there though, right.?

    Ok, one interested person, just one, ask me to deliver a 5 minute play, a short script , an enactment of erstwhile sophism and genuine nagualistic construct and I will live it for you as I put it to p.. well, pc.

    I’m done with political activism. Your vote does not count.

    I’m choosing life and that, oddly, involves quietly stepping away from the masses; dead forever.

    I really do. You’ll never know how much.

    It is shining,…

  8. I’ve had to replace my credit
    I’ve had to replace my credit card recently due to hackers. LOL It would be funny to follow a trail of hackers of Whitley’s identity and the reality of what just might be lurking under the volcano! LOL – bighting off not only more than they can chew but digest!

    1. It would not be fun, I recant
      It would not be fun, I recant this comment because it was dumb and I would never want that situation to occur, however I guess I was implying that it would fun to watch people have some extra normal baggage that they were not counting on come in with doing something ‘like’ this.

  9. Ha-ha TnL, understood…
    Ha-ha TnL, understood… Still it would be funny if a group of greys showed up at some hacker’s house looking for Whitley’s credit cards!

  10. During the late 80’s while
    During the late 80’s while visiting my mother at a PG&E training compound near Kettleman City, CA, we woke in the middle of the night to several blue balls of light about the size of tennis balls, streaking through our room and then throughout the house. Seconds later, there was a sizable earthquake (it shook us from our beds). The blue lights circled around the inside of the house again and exited via the window. We spent the rest of the night outside the house because the tile roof was very old and we feared it may collapse due to aftershocks of the quake. There was much discussion & speculation about the blue balls of light that everyone in the house saw. It was chalked up by my family members to be some kind of electric phenomena related to the PG&E plant and the earthquake. We left the next day, cutting our visit short. I have always felt protected. These lights were something more and somehow communicated to me that there was imminent danger…. Years later, a class action suit was filed against PG&E by the people living at the plant. They were awarded compensation for living at a site that was extremely contaminated. My mother was a recipient of the class action suit.

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