Linda Moulton Howe received a standing ovation at the Dreamland Festival on June 25 for a reason. It was one of the most extraordinary reports she has ever delivered. She discussed it again during the first hour on Coast to Coast AM on June 30, and this weekend on Dreamland we’re going to get deeply into this astonishing and important story. Do not buy into the false idea that the drones were a hoax or that they are some sort of secret military hardware. They were dismissed by many as a hoax because they didn’t fit the expectations of UFO more

Dreamland was delayed due to file damage that has been repaired. We regret the inconvenience. Think Men in Black are a movie joke? Think again. What Nick Redfern has discovered is, frankly, terrifying. The MIB phenomenon is real and its growing, not getting less. But what does it mean and WHO ARE THEY? Nick is one of the best paranormal researchers around, and this show is evidence of his expertise. Did you know that MIBs appear not only in connection with UFO events? Did you know that there is evidence that they might be an ominous portent of our own future?read more

Freddy Silva is one of Dreamland’s most frequent and most popular guests. Now he has published what Whitley Strieber considers one of the most important books ever written about our lost past. What is so incredible is that Freddy has figured out how to actually use these ancient places of power to reawaken our souls and our memories. In this spellbinding interview, he explains to us just why we lost our understanding of the truth, and how we can use places of power to regain it.

Dreamland is, itself, a place of power, as you’ll agree when you listen to these two masters in electrifying conversation!
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Gary Jansen is a well known editor and a practicing Catholic who has also had one of the most powerful, disturbing and convincing experiences of haunting that has ever been recorded. His credibility is unimpeachable, his skill as an observer is acute, and when you hear his story you will, quite simply, never think the same way about ghosts again. His book Holy Ghosts is gripping. It is also a meditation on the relationship between religion and the paranormal, and in this interview he takes Whitley Strieber–and us–through one stunner of a story.
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