Every year since the beginning of Dreamland, we’ve presented a Halloween Special called Screamland. This year is no exception, this is a very serious show, and a very scary one. Whitley Strieber spends 45 minutes telling some stories from his and Anne’s lives that are mind-bending–scary, amazing, totally unforgettable. This could be the most extraordinary show we have ever presented. Much of this material is from Whitley’s just-finished sequel to Communion, which is going to be amazing. For subscribers, the GREAT October 27, 2001 Dreamland Halloween special on MONSTERS!
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Linda Moulton Howe interviews Robert Salas, who hosted the Disclosure Conference at the National Press Club on September 27 at which it was revealed that UFOs had on numerous occasions interrupted the functioning of US nuclear missile systems. During the interview, Whitley Strieber also points to an occasion when this happened in Russia.

This is an insider’s look at just what went on at that powerful press conference.

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Graham Hancock is one of the great adventurers, authors and visionaries of our time, and here he talks about his new book Entangled, about life as it was lived 24,000 years ago. Amazingly, this deeply channeled book paints a picture of the Neanderthals as loving beings that has only in October of 2010 been confirmed by science. Was Graham Hancock in touch with real people from the deep past while writing Entangled? Listen to this interview and find out!

Hancock has followed in the footsteps of the ancient shamans and taken Ayahuasca, traveling deep into its hidden world, and returning with stunning messages for us about what we have lost and what we may regain.

Graham’s website is GrahamHancock.com.

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What is actually happening to mankind right now and how can we navigate thefuture? Barbara Hand Clow says that we are moving into a region of the galaxy that is going to change us and our world profoundly, opening up what she calls our “lenses of consciousness” and enabling us to completely change our relationship to reality.

For over 20 years, she and her partner Gerry Clow have taught thousands of students worldwide how to navigate the nine dimensions of reality, lead more conscious lives, and find a place for ourselves in the future.

Many of us feel an acceleration. Barbara Hand Clow understands and explains to us this week how we can understand it, too, and how to use it.
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