?and why time moves from yesterday to tomorrow – What scientists call the Big Bang brought the universe about, but can we get a glimpse of what things were like BEFORE the Big Bang? NASA astronomers think they’ve been able to do just that. In doing so, they may also be able to explain why we experience time moving in a straight line from yesterday to tomorrow.

They’ve done it by studying cosmic microwave background (CMB), which is light that was emitted when the universe was just a youngster: 400,000 years old. Their research suggests that new universes could be created spontaneously from apparently empty space.

In BBC News, Chris Lintott quotes researcher Sean Carroll as saying, “A universe could form inside this room and we’d never know.”read more

For years, officials of foreign governments have been asking themselves this provocative question: was 911 some sort of a hoax? Now a member of the Japanese parliament says the UN should investigate.

In Prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson quotes Japanese government official Yukihisa Fujita as saying, “This is something Parliamentarians of various countries could ask?I was in Europe meeting with European MP’s and they are also thinking about asking the UN to investigate, so these kind of efforts need to be done internationally.”
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Weekend Reading – In a stunning breakthrough, a group of scientists havediscovered how to quantum entangle two images. This means,when one image is changed, the other images also changes,even though there is absolutely no connection between them.It is believed that this effect would hold true even if theywere on opposite sides of the universe. The next step willbe to generate quantum-entangled images with slowed-downlight. This will result in literally gigantic informationstorage abilities, far greater than the human brain andvastly greater than any machine that exists now. Will thismean artificial intelligence?read more

In a diary she wrote about parenthood last year, Anne Strieber added the following update: “This couple has learned that they’re going to have a boy. The mother-to-be is content and doing well. She can’t wait to meet her son in a few months time. The father-to-be is more nervous, because he’s not sure what his role will be.” Keep reading for Anne’s explanation of why a father is ALWAYS a hero to his kids!
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