Weekend Reading – In a stunning breakthrough, a group of scientists havediscovered how to quantum entangle two images. This means,when one image is changed, the other images also changes,even though there is absolutely no connection between them.It is believed that this effect would hold true even if theywere on opposite sides of the universe. The next step willbe to generate quantum-entangled images with slowed-downlight. This will result in literally gigantic informationstorage abilities, far greater than the human brain andvastly greater than any machine that exists now. Will thismean artificial intelligence? Nobody knows whether or notit will be possible to develop genuine artificialintelligence, but certainly a new level of virtualintelligence will be reached with these machines. To readmore,click here. Love the news and views you can ONLY find here on Unknowncountry? Don’t let us fade away: subscribe today!

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