An exciting NEW interview for our subscribers–Whitley Strieber quizzes Stanton Friedman about ABDUCTIONS! That’s right, Stanton usually confines himself to UFO hardware issues, but he has been in the UFO field for nearly FIFTY years, and his abduction information is INCREDIBLE. Have a great Labor Day.

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We all need water to live, but some of us here in the US don’t like to drink the water from our taps because it SMELLS FUNNY. Large parts of the world have a bigger problem: POISON which occurs NATURALLY in their drinking water.

“Fruity plastic” is among several uncomplimentary terms that a panel of water “sensory experts” use to describe the odor of drinking water from the plastic piping that is finding its way into an increasing number of homes these days. The sampling was part of research on how plumbing materials affect the odor and taste of drinking water.
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Although some people may spend part of the Labor Day weekend complaining about their bosses or about job burnout, a new study shows that most Americans are satisfied with their jobs?especially (more surprise) OLDER workers.

The survey found that job satisfaction increases with age, with workers over 65 are among the most satisfied. The study shows that 86% of the people interviewed between 1972 and 2006 said they were satisfied at the jobs, with 48% saying they were very satisfied. Only 4% reported being very dissatisfied.
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It’s more important than ever to watch what you eat. We’ve told you about red wine medicine and have already written about the curry cure. Now researchers have isolated the active ingredient in turmeric root that may help boost the immune system in clearing amyloid beta, which forms the plaques found in Alzheimer’s disease. Other research has found that herpes may lead to Alzheimer’s.
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