Although some people may spend part of the Labor Day weekend complaining about their bosses or about job burnout, a new study shows that most Americans are satisfied with their jobs?especially (more surprise) OLDER workers.

The survey found that job satisfaction increases with age, with workers over 65 are among the most satisfied. The study shows that 86% of the people interviewed between 1972 and 2006 said they were satisfied at the jobs, with 48% saying they were very satisfied. Only 4% reported being very dissatisfied.

In addition to older workers, those with more education, those earning more money, and workers in the South Central states from Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississipi, Louisiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee were the most satisfied. Blacks, Hispanics and people doing unskilled labor were the least happy.

Researcher Tom W. Smith says, “The most important the factors contributing to more job satisfaction in descending order of importance are holding a job with high prestige, being older, being non-black and earning more from a job. Job satisfaction is especially high among those 65 and over because most people working at that age are not those forced to still work due to financial reasons, but those who choose to do so because they like their jobs.”

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