In the July 28-August 30, 2007 issue of New Scientist magazine, NASA physicist James Hansen says that, due to global warming, the oceans will rise so high in the next 100 years that Miami, Florida will be one of the major cities that drowns: it will be underwater. The article contains a “before” photograph and a computer-generated “after” image of the state which reveal that by 2107, Florida will be a small “stub,” compared to its land mass today.
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We recently did a Dreamland show about weather wars. Now Chinese farmers are shooting bullets at the sky in order to try to end a drought.

In the Asia Times, Pallavi Aiyar writes that Chinese farmers have given up on prayer and are trying a new technique to bring rain: they are firing rocket launchers and anti-aircraft guns at clouds. They aren?t firing bullets, they are firing silver-iodide pellets which they hope will seed the clouds by attracting enough moisture to bring on rain.

The Chinese s;pend between $60 and $90 million a year on weather modification. Aiyar quotes Chinese official Wang Guanghe as saying, “Ours is the largest artificial weather program in the world in terms of equipment, size and budget.”

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Whitley Strieber will post his second crop circle meditation this Saturday for subscribers, and he will be present for a live chat from 10 to 11am Pacific Time in the subscriber chat room.

As was reported on this week, there was a stunning UFO event over Stratford in the UK on July 25, which involved a formation of UFOs that maneuvered into the triangular formation pictured here. The objects were seen by hundreds of people, and the claim that they are merely lanterns or hot air balloons is refuted by witness testimony and their observed movement on video.
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