We’ve written before about how some people think Marijuana is a wonder drug. Now a new scientific study proves that Marijuana is a “valuable medicine” for certain types of intractable pain that cannot be relieved any other way. This should make us take another look at our drug laws?which are NOT working.

In the Boston Globe, Lester Grinspoon reports on a new study in the journal Neurology that “is being hailed as unassailable proof that marijuana is a valuable medicine.” According to Grinspoon, who is co-author of Marijuana the Forbidden Medicine, this is nothing new. He writes, “From 1840 to 1900, American and European medical journals published over 100 papers on the therapeutic uses of marijuana, also known as cannabis.”

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Scientific studies of why broccoli and Brussels sprouts taste too bitter to some people but are liked by others have revealed that it’s all in our genes: being wary of bitterness enabled the ancestors of some of us to survive.

Researcher Stephen Wooding says that the ability to taste or not taste bitter foods might have played a role in human evolution and may today account for such health-related behaviors as smoking and vegetable consumption. He studied bitter-taste receptors, the tiny receptacles on the tongue that intercept harsh-tasting chemicals from food. Each of the genes for these receptors comes in several forms, and the forms you carry help determine how you perceive bitter-tasting foods.
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UPDATE – In his provocative new Insight, Dreamland co-host William Henry gives us his impressions of the recent Discovery Channel special The Lost Tomb of Jesus, which he discusses with Laurence Gardner in on this week?s Dreamland. William writes, “In the Pistis Sophia, Jesus?told us to spend our lives finding the mysteries that will transform us into a being of light so that we can join him. The trouble is, there’s not a single Christian church on this planet that teaches us how to do this.” In his new journal, Whitley writes, “The fact that Jesus left a corpse behind does not mean that there was no resurrection. That this is even an issue only points to the fact that we do not understand the nature of resurrection.read more

Over a decade ago, on March 13, 1997, mysterious lights were seen in the sky by Dr. Lynne Kitei, who made a film about them. As part of the anniversary celebration, screenings of the updated version of The Phoenix Lights film continue in Arizona. At most of the screenings, Dr. Lynne will also be signing books and answering questions about her experiences. Keep reading for details.

On March 10 at 7 p.m. Dr. Lynne will present “Coincidence or Communication?” at the Bentley Gallery, sponsored by Barnes & Noble. There will also be a book signing and Q & A. The gallery is at 215 Grant Street in Phoenix. For information, contact Larry Siegel at 480-391-0048.
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