UPDATE – In his provocative new Insight, Dreamland co-host William Henry gives us his impressions of the recent Discovery Channel special The Lost Tomb of Jesus, which he discusses with Laurence Gardner in on this week?s Dreamland. William writes, “In the Pistis Sophia, Jesus?told us to spend our lives finding the mysteries that will transform us into a being of light so that we can join him. The trouble is, there’s not a single Christian church on this planet that teaches us how to do this.” In his new journal, Whitley writes, “The fact that Jesus left a corpse behind does not mean that there was no resurrection. That this is even an issue only points to the fact that we do not understand the nature of resurrection. This is because we have been lied to about it for millennia by men who have sought to use the wonderful good news that Christ brought to us, to their own greedy ends.”

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