We recently asked the question: Why do we treat our wounded soldiers so badly? Different species of ants may hate each other, but they still manage to “live and let live.” Why can’t human beings do the same?

In LiveScience.com, Abigail W. Leonard reports that some ant species are better at finding sources of food, because they send out more scouts to find it. Other species keep most of their ants back home, so they can defend the colony. This species is better at keeping the food they find.

Surprisingly, small ants are better at bringing back larger pieces of food, because they can work as a team to carry it. But when two species tussle over a small piece of food, the large ants usually win (as might be expected).
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In our newest Insight, Leslie Kean reveals that the strange craft seen over O?Hare airport in Chicago on November 7 really WAS a UFO! We will post an interview by Whitley with Kean very soon, about this story and her earlier insight about the Phoenix Lights.

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My new novel, 2012: the War for Souls, has just been bought by Warner Bros. for a movie, so I thought I?d write a little about why I wrote it and what I think about 2012. First, it?s a story about the journey of the soul, and the deep denial we are in about our souls. Most of us say we believe that we have a soul, but we live as if we don?t really believe that at all.
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How did our VA hospitals get in such terrible shape?and WHY did this happen? Our government’s cost cutting tactics, which farm out the management of VA hospitals to private corporations, is one reason. A Princeton professor has a theory about what’s REALLY going on.
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