A computer hacker who spent years penetrating governmentcomputers (their security is abysmal) says that he saw proofthat NASA airbrushes UFOs out of satellite and shuttlephotographs to maintain a coverup. In an interview on the BBC program “Click,” Gary McKinnon,who faces 60 years in prison if he is extradited to theUnited States from England, said that he had obtained aphoto of an object that was “cigar-shaped and had geodesicdomes above, below, to the left, the right and both ends of it,” and that it was in space above earth’s atmosphere.When asked if it might be an artist’s impression, heanswered that he didn’t know.read more

Once again, a huge block of ice has suddenly fallen from the sky, this time in Atlantic City, startling and confusing residents and?once again?leading to a promise of an FAA investigation.

Michael Pritchard writes in The Press of Atlantic city that residents of Brigantine, a suburb of Atlantic City, were outside in their yard when they heard a mysterious, loud whistling noise as a huge block of ice fell from the sky and crashed into the vacant lot next door, shaking the foundation of their house. It just missed hitting a woman who was cooking on her barbecue grill.
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In the past, we have reported on non-smokers who get lung cancer. There has been some speculation that while these people may not have smoked cigarettes, they DID smoke marijuana, but researchers have discovered that smoking pot does not lead to lung cancer.

Scientists always assumed that smoking pot was even more dangerous than smoking cigarettes, but a new study shows that people who smoke marijuana?even heavy, long-term marijuana users?do not appear to be at increased risk of developing lung cancer.These findings were a surprise to the researchers. “We expected that we would find that a history of heavy marijuana use?more than 500-1,000 uses?would increase the risk of cancer from several years to decades after exposure to marijuana,” says Dr. Donald Tashkin.
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Besides the tragic earthquake in Indonesia, there are other strange and ominous changes going on in the earth. A rumbling volcano on a South Pacific island has puzzled scientists by changing the water in a lake from blue to bright red. A cliff in India has suddenly exploded like a volcano, spewing out rocks and debris. And geologists have discovered that a mountain near the Montana-Wyoming border once moved 62 miles in only a half hour, and they’re afraid it may do it again.

Ray Lilley reports that a lake on top of a volcano on the island of Ambae in the South Pacific has changed to what volcanologist Brad Scott calls “quite a spectacular red.” He thinks the color change has to do with the volcano’s renewed activity, which may be releasing chemicals into the water. read more