A computer hacker who spent years penetrating governmentcomputers (their security is abysmal) says that he saw proofthat NASA airbrushes UFOs out of satellite and shuttlephotographs to maintain a coverup. In an interview on the BBC program “Click,” Gary McKinnon,who faces 60 years in prison if he is extradited to theUnited States from England, said that he had obtained aphoto of an object that was “cigar-shaped and had geodesicdomes above, below, to the left, the right and both ends of it,” and that it was in space above earth’s atmosphere.When asked if it might be an artist’s impression, heanswered that he didn’t know. He said that a woman who worked at Building Eight at theJohnson Space Center claimed that they regularly airbrushedimages of UFOs from high resolution satellite photographs.He is referring to claims made by Donna Hare, who testifiedat a Discover Project press conference in 2001 that a NASAtechnician told her, in regard to UFOs that “we alwaysairbrush them out before we release them to the public.” He also claimed that he does not have a copy of the photo hesaw on the NASA computer because “it’s a Java application,so there’s nothing to save on your computer.” If the US government is indeed covering up evidence of anextraterrestrial intelligence visiting earth, it ranks asone of the greatest evils in human history, because of theimportance of the information and the indisputable right ofevery human being to know.

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