Besides the tragic earthquake in Indonesia, there are other strange and ominous changes going on in the earth. A rumbling volcano on a South Pacific island has puzzled scientists by changing the water in a lake from blue to bright red. A cliff in India has suddenly exploded like a volcano, spewing out rocks and debris. And geologists have discovered that a mountain near the Montana-Wyoming border once moved 62 miles in only a half hour, and they’re afraid it may do it again.

Ray Lilley reports that a lake on top of a volcano on the island of Ambae in the South Pacific has changed to what volcanologist Brad Scott calls “quite a spectacular red.” He thinks the color change has to do with the volcano’s renewed activity, which may be releasing chemicals into the water.

In India, a mysterious explosion of rocks and debris has suddenly erupted from a cliff, when the hill suddenly started exploding like a volcano.

A mountain near the Montana-Wyoming border once moved 62 miles in only a half hour. How can scientists tell this? The rocks at the summit of Heart Mountain are 250 million years older than the rocks at its base. Geologists think the mountain is a dormant volcano and that lava once bubbled up to the surface, bringing the older rocks with it. Why does this matter today? Because it may happen again?this time to the Canary Islands, off the coast of North Africa, near Portugal.

Geophysicist Einat Aharonov says that when a series of volcanic eruptions formed the now Absaroka mountain range around 50 million years ago, water was trapped deep inside, like a pressure cooker. The pressure actually caused the mountain to slide. In, Corey Binns quotes Aharonov as saying, “According to our calculation, the motion took less than 30 minutes.” He also warns that the Canary Islands could do the same thing soon, since they’re on top of a dormant volcano. If that happens, the result may be a huge tsunami.

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