Once again, a huge block of ice has suddenly fallen from the sky, this time in Atlantic City, startling and confusing residents and?once again?leading to a promise of an FAA investigation.

Michael Pritchard writes in The Press of Atlantic city that residents of Brigantine, a suburb of Atlantic City, were outside in their yard when they heard a mysterious, loud whistling noise as a huge block of ice fell from the sky and crashed into the vacant lot next door, shaking the foundation of their house. It just missed hitting a woman who was cooking on her barbecue grill.

Yet again, nobody involved appears to be aware of the other mysterious ice falls that have been taking place worldwide for years?or of the fact that the ice does NOT come from airplanes, it is a symptom of global warming. The ice does come from planes, but not from airline toilets: airplane toilets do not leak and planes do not empty their toilets while flying. As the lower atmosphere heats up, the upper atmosphere gets colder, causing ordinary jet plane contrails to form blocks of ice that then fall from the sky, sometimes crashing into crowded urban areas.

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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