After forty years, the Chilean authorities have broken up the Colonia Dignidad commune, which was founded by escaped Nazis and Nazi sympathizers. It aided the cruel military dictatorship of that has been accused of aiding the former military dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet.

BBC News reports that former Nazi Paul Schaefer, aged 83, is being accused of aiding secret police under Chile’s 1973-1990 military rule and also of sexually abusing 26 children. He was arrested in March after hiding out for eighteen years. Along with other Colonia Dignidad leaders, he was suspected of keeping the 300 remaining residents in the camp against their will. An American reporter who investigated the colony was never seen again.
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On August 25, a photographer in Phoenix took new footage of what appear to be the Phoenix Lights hovering over Estrella Mountain in Arizona, which are very similar to the images captured by Dr. Lynn Kitei and others. This follows a major series of UFO sightings in New Mexico that were comparable to the Phoenix Lights, reported on last week on This strongly suggests that the Phoenix Lights are indeed back with us, as Dr. Lynne seeks to gain wider distribution for her DVD about the phenomenon.

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Thousands of people along the coast of the Gulf of Mexicofrom Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle were urged toevacuate as Hurricane Katrina gathered strength and aimedfor the US gulf coast. The hurricane is expected to makelandfall by Monday as a Category 4 storm, with sustainedwinds of 140 MPH. Meanwhile, extremely hot and humid airacross southern Texas and Louisiana, with temperaturesupwards of 105 F. could feed the storm as it approachesland, causing a rare condition where it gains suddenstrength as it makes landfall.

The hurricane is being called “extremely dangerous” by theNational Weather Service, and people in low-lying areas arebeing urged to seek higher ground within 36 hours, afterwhich it will be “too late.”
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National Geographic Magazine will sponsor another underwater exploration of the sunken city off the Coast of Cuba this fall. Russian-Canadian oceanographer Pauline Zelitsky will head the expedition. Political differences prevent the US from participating, and much of the work has been done by France and Russia. So far, the exploration has been done by remote-controlled mini submarines, armed with video cameras. Their provocative images have shown what look like stepped pyramids, extending as far as South America (where these types of pyramids were built by the Mayans).
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