Eating oat bran lowers the body’s cholesterol levels. Eating dairy foods strengthens bones. Are there foods that can help psychological disorders? We know that certain foods, like chocolate, raise serotonin levels. Serotonin is the “happiness chemical” that is raised by drugs like Prozac. Sociopaths, who seem to have no conscience, are known to have low serotonin levels. Should we make sure they get enough chocolate?
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A massive break in the 17th Street levee is flooding the city of New Orleans. Jefferson and Plaquemine Parishes are under martial law. Nobody is being allowed into the city.The 200ft wide break is expected to continue flooding untilthe water level in the city reaches that of LakePonchatrain. Huge sandbags are being airlifted to the cityin an effort to stem the break.

Had Army Corps of Engineers budgets not been cut for thisarea, and forward planning been done beginning a year agowhen it became clear that hurricanes were becoming moresevere, this catastrophe might have been averted. Thesandbags needed should have been available in the area, nothundreds of miles away.
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A local TV station in Liberty Ohio is investigating a mysterious recurring scream. One person heard it while out walking with her spouse. She happened to have a tape recorder with her, so she recorded the sound and sent it to the local newspaper. The local TV station heard about it, and reporter Brian Hamrick went took a special sensitive microphone and went out hunting for the sound, but he couldn’t find it.

Although it’s likely that the sound came from an animal such as a cat or bird (screech owls, especially, can produce scary human-like sounds), an animal expert listened to the tape and said it wasn’t an animal he recognized. We have no word on how many times the scream was heard or whether it’s still being heard in the area.
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Whitley writes in his latest journal: “Another summer, another series of weather catastrophes worldwide…And now Katrina, which could well turn out to be the greatest environmental disaster in the history of the United States, and a terrifying warning of worse to come?”Don’t miss this incredible journal entry!

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