In a new form of espionage, Chinese hackers are spying on Pentagon computers. Besides trying to “read” secret information, they are infecting military computers with computer viruses. The Pentagon admits that some of their computer software is antiquated, leaving their computers vulnerable to attack.

Frank Tiboni writes in that Chinese spies are on 24-hour alert and start probing the Pentagon’s computers as soon as they come online. But the Pentagon is fighting back. Besides creating new firewalls, they are building fake networks in order to confuse the Chinese hackers. Planting false information for spies to discover is an old espionage technique, now brought into the cyber age.
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Labor Day weekend, September 2-4, is the date of the annual National UFO Conference, to be held this year at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel,1755 North Highland Ave., in Hollywood, California. Our science reporter Linda Howe will be there, as will other Dreamland guests from the past, including Richard Dolan, Greg Bishop, Terry Hansen, Nick Redfern and Dr. Lynne Kitei. This is your chance to see the face behind the voice of our popular weekly science report.

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World weather continued in an extremely unsettled state asrecord floods killed at least 34 people in Europe andTropical Storm Katrina promised to bring heavy rainfall toSouth Florida. Meanwhile, Portugal and Spain suffered recorddrought as fires consumed over a hundred thousand acres inPortugal and destroyed a hundred homes. The death toll fromthe European floods is expected to rise, because many peopleare missing, especially in Romania.

The flood area extends from Switzerland–where 300 residentshave been moved from threatened parts of the capital,Bern–across Austria and southern Germany and into easternEurope.
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In a scenario reminiscent of the Phoenix Lights, UFOs are being seen by large numbers of people in New Mexico. Photos taken by a Navajo teen show mysterious yellow, red and orange lights in the night sky. One of the photos shows what seems to be a giant V-shaped ship. This situation is similar to the one that has occurred and isoccuring in Phoenix.

Click here to read the original story by Bill Donovan in the Gallup, New Mexico Independent newspaper.

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