On March 17, scientists published a paper in Nature Magazineon the effects of the December 25 earthquake and tsunami inIndonesia. Eleven days later, another earthquake struck,almost exactly where they said it would, which producedanother gigantic tsunami wave. Unknowncountry.com posted anews story that made thesameprediction. The final death toll from December?s quakenumbers over 300,000 people, most of whom were women andchildren. The second tsunami, which was caused by an 8.7quake, killed only around 2,000 people, probably becausethey were warned. Anything with a magnitude above 7.5 isconsidered a giant earthquake. The Christmas quake had amagnitude of 9.3
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There has been a raging controversy during the last fewyears about whether the mercury preservative in childhoodvaccines is the cause of autism, which is reaching epidemiclevels in the West. Some insist it is, while others say thatit only seems that way, because autism begins to manifestaround the age that children receive their vaccinations.It’s known to run in families. Autism has been called the”geek disease” and some researchers say it comes from ahaving a brain that is too “male”?that is, too analyticaland not empathetic enough.read more

The fossil records tell us that there have been severalmassive extinction events in the life of the Earth. We nowknow the reasons for some of them?for instance, thedinosaurs were wiped out by an asteroid that broke intopieces upon impact, producing dust which blocked the lightof the sun. Recently, a consistent 62 million yearextinction cycle has been discovered. The last greatextinction took place 65 million years ago, and the cyclemay still be in place, because earth’s biodiversity hasbeen in decline for about 2.8million years, ever since the Central American land bridgeappeared and altered the flow of ocean currents around theequator. This would mean that a new extinction event beganjust about exactly 62 million years after the last one.
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Our founding fathers enacted an ancient vision of tolerance, moderation and freedom when they created the United States of America. Where did this vision come from, and what gives it its great power, and what are the threats that challenge it now? Listen as William Henry brings his deep knowledge to this subject, which is probably more important right now than it has been since this country’s integrity was challenged by the civil war.

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