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On Thursday the Indonesian government placed 11 volcanoes oneruption watch, as volcanism continued to increaseworldwide and especially in the Indian Ocean area. On April12 alone, there was activity recorded at asurprisingly large number of volcanoes. Mt. St. Helens inthe US, Canlaon in the Phillipines, Chikurachki and Ebko inthe Kurile Islands, Colima in Mexico, Karymysky, Shiveluchand Kliuchevskoi on the Kamchatka Peninsula, Hawaii’sKilauea, Reventador and Tungurahua in Equador, Ulawun inPapaua New Guinea and Villarrica in Chile all showed signsof activity ranging from earthquake levels above the normthat suggest lava flow, to eruptive activity. On a normalday, activity will be noted at four or five volcanoes aroundthe world.
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Newswise – Will the next pope allow women to become priests? Probablynot, since conservative Cardinal Ratzinger has been voted inas Pope Benedict XVI. An Associated Press poll found that60% percent of U.S. Catholics think women should beordained, and U.S. religious studies professor A. Raab saysthere are signs that the Catholic Church may be headed thatway.

“It is my conviction that women priests will not beofficially permitted in the Catholic Church until there arewomen priests,” Raab states. “In other words, Catholic womenmust be seen in a priestly role, in particular celebratingthe Eucharist, in order to be approved and ordained as priests.”
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Agence France-Presse – MORONI, April 18 (AFP) – Thousands of villagers living nearthe Mount Karthala volcano on the main island of GrandComore in the Indian Ocean Comoros archipelago have fledtheir homes after it erupted, officials said Monday.”Almost 10,000 people have left their houses since Sunday”when the volcano erupted, Dini Nassuri, spokesman for theisland’s government, told Agence France-Presse.

Villagers who had fled in panic from their homes in theshadow of the 2,361-meter (7,746-foot) volcano stayed awayfrom their homes but calm had largely returned to the areaby late morning, officials and witnesses said.
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