In Dreamland this week, William mentioned that information brought by Nicholas Roerich from Tibet to the United States had been used in the development of the atomic bomb. We find out just what this information was and how it was used by atomic physicists. Then Whitley and William discuss William’s belief about why the United States went to Iraq, which has to do with both preventing Saddam Hussein from gaining access to powerful ancient technology, and obtaining it for ourselves. This unusual and highly informative interview should not be missed.

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An impassioned dream explorer tells us why he believes that many dreams involve living lives in very real other worlds. Anne Strieber is at her gentle, encouraging best as she draws some moving and beautiful secrets out of Robert Moss, author of Dreamways of the Iroquois. Robert’s passion and his conviction are infectious, and you will come away from this marvelous interview with a new understanding of your own dreams and, above all, a new determination to see this side of consciousness for what it really is: a window into another world that is absolutely essential to living a fulfilled life in this more

Texas governor Rick Perry today signed into law the entiretyof the Bible?s Book of Leviticus after it passed both housesof the legislature by more than two-thirds majorities.Meanwhile, Congressman Tom DeLay forced a mandatorykneel-down prayer meeting in the U.S. Congress to givethanks for this first enactment of Leviticus. The book isbeing incorporated into legislation in fourteen statesnationwide, and legislatures have been racing to see who canmake it law first.

Immediately after the signing, the Texas governor privatelyremoved and then publicly burned the cotton-polyesterleisure suit he had worn to the ceremony. It was replacedwith an all-polyester leisure suit.
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Swiss researchers say have discovered that a previouslycontroversial gospel, “The Gospel of Judas,” isauthentically from the period of Christ’s life. The papyrusmanuscript was found in Egypt during the 1950s or 60s, butis being translated, for the first time, into English,French and German. Its owners did not understand itssignificance until recently. The Telegraph reports thatresults from carbon dating the manuscript have beenreceived, showing that it dates back to the beginning of thethird or fourth century A.D.
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