John Hogue discusses Nostradamus and his prophecies, and offers prophecies of his own for–not 2006 but 2004! So, how did he do? Also, subscribers, you can go to the Special Interviews Archive and listen to John’s 2005 and 2004 prophecies. He’ll be prophesying on Dreamland for 2006 next week and you can question him about past prophecies by sending him a note at

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The British Medical Journal reports that hangover curesdon’t work. The scientists conducting the study say, “Ourfindings show no compelling evidence to suggest that anycomplementary or conventional intervention is effective fortreating or preventing the alcohol hangover.” However, thereARE some steps you can take to mitigate the effects of overindulgence in alcohol.

Jeremy Laurance writes in the Indpendent that one of thebest things to do is go to bed. Having sex while you’rethere is also good, since it gets your blood pumping, whichrehydrates the body. However, contrary to what most peoplethink, alcohol does not facilitate sex; in fact, it oftenmakes it impossible for men to get an erection.

Drink plenty of water, since alcohol is a diuretic.
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If you’ve failed at keeping your New Year’s resolutions inthe past, scientists say this may be because you’ve chosenthe wrong ones or don’t admit to yourself that you may fail(which, surprisingly, will help to you succeed). One common mistake is to have too many goals. Another formula for failure is to set your sights on behaviors that are too vague, such as being a better spouse. A third pitfall is setting goals that are too lofty and are not really attainable.

What does work? The Harvard Health Letter says you’re more likely to achieve goals that match your own interests and values, rather than those that reflect outside pressures or expectations. In other words, you’re more likely to keep a resolution if the motivation is coming from you, not someone else.
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For the last two years, famed prophet and Nostradamus Scholar John Hogue has prophesied for Dreamland listeners and subscribers. So how did he do? This week, we’re going to repeat John’s 2004 and 2005 prophecy specials, and next week, John will be with us to evaluate his performance and prophesy for 2006! To listen, go to the Dreamland Special Events section at the bottom of our Windows Media Player. And if you’d like to comment or ask a question before next weeks’ 2006 show, just write and we’ll ask John on the air!To access John’s website, click here.

Find out where John gets his information by reading Nostradamus: The New Revelations. And if YOU want to have a good 2006, subscribe today so will be here for you next year!read more