Whitley Strieber offers a new journal entry with someuniquely useful ideas about good places to contribute to thetsunami relief effort. He has found a large charity with anextensive existing infrastructure in the area, a mediumsized one with a unique guarantee about how funds donatedwill be used, and a small one in India that is entirelylegitimate and will get your contributions directly into thehands of those who need help. To read his new journal entry,click here.

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Anne Strieber’s new diary tells the horrifying story of agroup of scientists who knew hours before the tsunami struckthat it was going to be extremely dangerous, but were unableto communicate their knowledge to the proper authorities inthe countries involved.

Then she discusses the work of Dr. Lonnie Thompson that isreported by Linda Howe on Dreamland this week. Dr. Thompsonhas discovered an incident of sudden climate change thatdevastated the world 5,200 years ago. AND he has discoveredthat it started world wide at terrifying speed. But are hiswarnings being heeded? Despite all his prestige and his longrecord of superb professional achievement, they are not.

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Every month, about six thousand people visit our prayergroup. That’s an impressive number–but not out of over amillion monthly visitors to the site! We believe in prayeron thiswebsite. We believe that one of the reasons you are seeingthis fine new diary entry from Anne Strieber is because ofprayer. Even the doctors expected it to take six months to ayear for her to recover. But she’s well after just a fewweeks–and she was the recipient of lots of prayer and healing.
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