The British Medical Journal reports that hangover curesdon’t work. The scientists conducting the study say, “Ourfindings show no compelling evidence to suggest that anycomplementary or conventional intervention is effective fortreating or preventing the alcohol hangover.” However, thereARE some steps you can take to mitigate the effects of overindulgence in alcohol.

Jeremy Laurance writes in the Indpendent that one of thebest things to do is go to bed. Having sex while you’rethere is also good, since it gets your blood pumping, whichrehydrates the body. However, contrary to what most peoplethink, alcohol does not facilitate sex; in fact, it oftenmakes it impossible for men to get an erection.

Drink plenty of water, since alcohol is a diuretic.

Take a long shower.

Get a sugar hit, it helps break down the alcohol. There’s noinformation about whether Splenda or other artificialsweeteners will do the job. It’s also effective to have asalty sports drink. Strong coffee works well, since itreduces the swelling of blood vessels in the brain.

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