Residents of Lardal, Norway observed a UFO near power lines and reported it to local police. After an investigation of the area, authorities have dismissed the sighting as an exploding housecat.

The cat allegedly exploded after climbing an electrical pylon and stepping on a live electrical line. One witness said, “a huge fireball appeared above the power lines, then floated slowly to the ground.” Local police found the charred body of a cat in the area where residents said that the UFO descended.

A Norwegian government spokesman declared during a press conference called to explain the situation to media in Oslo, that no UFO crash retrieval effort is planned at this time. Norwegian Air Force officials declined to comment.
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Grand Marshal Richard Skaggs announced that New York City’s famed April 1st Parade would be held despite concerns that the Republican Guard’s Medina Division elephant corps would wreck city streets.

Mr. Skaggs assured wary city officials that the “two thousand elephants will not damage the streets, because they have been specially bred with “lite” legs and small feet that do not harm pavements.”
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In his latest Journal, Whitley Strieber talks about his joys and sadness in this strange time in which we’re living. He has a “growing sense that all the small changes we are seeing around us add up to great change, profound change. That sense is getting stronger?In fact, practically everybody I know has this same feeling that we are standing on a sand dune, and the wind is rising, and the sand is beginning to blow.” Do you share his feelings? If so, take comfort in Whitley’s Journal.

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An American Airlines flight from Tokyo was quarantined on the landing strip at San Jose’s airport after five people, including two crew members, complained of SARS-like symptoms. Ambulances lined up near the plane as the 125 passengers and 14 crew members waited on board after the nine-hour flight. Joy Alexiou, of the Santa Clara County Public Health Department, says of the people on board who reported to the crew during the flight that they “think they may have SARS, we’re pretty sure four of the five transferred from Hong Kong to Tokyo.” Three of the people were taken to the hospital, and the other two were released.
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