Residents of Lardal, Norway observed a UFO near power lines and reported it to local police. After an investigation of the area, authorities have dismissed the sighting as an exploding housecat.

The cat allegedly exploded after climbing an electrical pylon and stepping on a live electrical line. One witness said, “a huge fireball appeared above the power lines, then floated slowly to the ground.” Local police found the charred body of a cat in the area where residents said that the UFO descended.

A Norwegian government spokesman declared during a press conference called to explain the situation to media in Oslo, that no UFO crash retrieval effort is planned at this time. Norwegian Air Force officials declined to comment.

The European Union?s Institution for Alien and UFO Studies stated, “as Norway is not part of the EU, we cannot address the issue of the cat that has exploded. However, should Norway wish to join the EU, we stand ready at any time to send a recovery team to the area to analyze the remains and list them in the EU Excessive Curiosity Index for the year in which the explosion took place.”

Norwegian Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik commented that the availability of such aid would be a factor when parliament reconsiders EU membership.

Can the government tell a cat from a UFO? Richard Dolan says they know a lot more than they’re telling us.

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