A senior Iraqi army general has said that their artillery units could hit targets deep inside Israel if they can bemoved to a site Israel’s border. Lieutenant-General Yassin Taha Mohammed said, “Our artillery forces are ready any timeto hit targets deep inside the Zionist entity whenever we are ordered to do so.”

President Saddam Hussein has asked Arab countries that border on Israel to let him use a piece of their land so he canmove his artillery close enough to attack.

If Iraq attacks Israel and draws another Arab country into the conflict by using its land as a base of operations, thesituation in the Middle East will change from an internal conflict to a wide-spread war, which will undoubtedly involveEurope and the United States.
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Everything that makes us “human” is thought to be contained in a part of our brains the size of a billiard ball.Researchers who study the brain say they think they have found the part of it that sets us apart from other primates.

Putting ourselves in others’ shoes, or understanding what others may be thinking, is what scientists consider to be thebasis of socialization, which is what makes us human. We can feel empathy and sympathy for others. Humans also have asense of humor and can detect when other people are being sarcastic or-at times-deceptive.

Dr. Donald Stuss, one of the world’s experts on the brain, found that these functions are all concentrated inside asmall region within the frontal lobes.
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Volcanoes in the Philippines and Indonesia are threatening to erupt. In the central Philippines, the Mayon volcano puffsout gas and ash, as scientists warn that it may erupt sometime in February. Last year, it drove 68,000 people from their homes. There have also been minor earthquakes around the 8,100 foot mountain.

Its most violent eruption occurred in 1814, when it killed more than 1,200 people and buried an entire town in volcanicmud.
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The Pentagon recently held its first war game in space and discovered we would lose.

The five-day exercise was enacted to determine how to defend U.S. satellites and destroy those of a potential enemy.This deadly serious role-playing game, set in 2017 and acted out by military men in Colorado, involved two enemycountries.

During the game, our enemy tried a capitalist preemptive strike by buying up all the commercial satellites it couldfind. Both sides tried to disable each other’s computers. They also tried hijacking opponents’ satellites and using themto broadcast propaganda.

The enemy countries were supposedly China and the U.S., but we wonder if they might not also have represented Earthfighting off an attack from another planet.
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