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Friday January 24, 2014

Ominous Trumpet Sounds are Back


Strange and frightening trumpet sounds were heard around the world in 2011 and 2012. Now they're back, along with unexplained explosions. Linda Moulton Howe interviews witnesses, who describe these ominous sounds and the effect they have when they are heard. For the first time, Linda is able to ask direct witnesses what they feel while the sounds are heard, and their answers are chilling and sobering.

By apparent coincidence, this program is being aired on the one-year anniversary of the last show Whitley and Linda did about the sounds. If you are an Unknowncountry subscriber, don't fail to listen to the previous show, which is also amazing. To listen and download, click here.

These sounds mean something. They cause feelings of foreboding in witnesses. But what are they and why are they happening? Whitley and Linda offer powerful insights into this mystery.

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great interview, You always bring the best! Nice to be updated lol.

As a fan and producer of electronic music, I can tell you that the sounds on the Kiev tape and others that are available to be heard on the internet COULD be produced on current electronic music equipment. That is not to say that they have been, but there is nothing about them that is particularly strange from a tonal perspective. For me, the interesting part here is why some people are hearing them and their next door neighbors are not. Could this be some sort of test of directed sound equipment on unknowing subjects? If so, what would be the motive?

I can relate to the report of hearing loud booming sounds and others not hearing them. We live in Washington County, Arkansas, and I've heard the booms many times, mostly in 2012 and 2013. They have always been during daylight hours, and one time in particular that I remember was on a Sunday afternoon. The noise was so very loud that I assumed there had been an explosion at a now-closed gravel mine only a few miles from here. I even called the sheriff's office to ask about it. They knew of nothing. I never see anything about it in the local newspaper. Haven't heard them in over a year now. Is there anywhere to report these sounds when they are heard? Calling the local law enforcement isn't useful in terms of expecting that we'll see a report locally.

It might be instructive to have some professional brass players listen to the trumpet sounds and give their opinions.

The one thing that has made me feel unsafe about UFOs is the possible NAZI connection. The noises could be the magma rising in temperature. If volcanic activity is increasing there should be some expansion noise.

I wonder if any native peoples would have observations regarding the loud trumpet noises...

Hmm Cosmic reminded me of a small quirk regarding 'The Interrupted Journey' with Betty and Barney. I read 'The Interrupted Journey' I couldn't find any reference to Nazis at all. Cover to cover twice and if it is there I couldn't see it. Has that become a modern myth? Maybe it was cut from later editions.

If I had advance knowledge, perpetuated by a secret lineage , of cyclic reset, I'd make sure I used it to my advantage, though that would mean ensuring that the fairest folks I knew would get a heads up too, while my enemies... well.....

Just how do you outrun a 2000ft Tsunami travelling a the speed of sound?

Think of the mouthwatering temptation to not tell the Mother-in-Law (or ex's dear Mama)........... my God...

Also, quickly, this has been doubly odd. I recalled hearing it before but am experiencing many of the same phenomenon, as described by Leanne, at the moment.

Haven't seen them standing before me but flashing light and shapes moving to the side of me are getting stronger. It's so obvious that someone is moving around that only a fool would dismiss it.
I'm convinced that we are getting near a crossing point for us all and these 'others' are reminding us not to be afraid, as the crossing is swift and a blessing.

A whole worldly population crossing at the same time. What an amazing time to be alive and experiencing all this. New bodies have been prepared for some.

I doubt there's one for me but I've seen someone I know in a new body and was surprised to see this lovely person wearing a wig, head tilted slightly to their right, in a gentle kind of way..

Such beautiful blue eyes. It was like gazing at our Mother Earth from space... a dazzling electric blue orb, suspended in loving void.


I still suspect HAARP because the sounds aren't propagating normally but sometimes are focused down in a certain spot. HAARP works on focusing either a wide or narrow area by triangulating the interference zone for the different signals merging. I think it is testing the GPS locating of the targeted area on a global basis. The sounds, mechanical threatening and evil harmonizing are borrowed from Hollywood. They're tuning up their Project Bluebeam deception for Lucifer's NWO Illuminati global takeover. Nations will be dissolved as irrelevant and no need for separate accounting.

From what I understand, HAARP can be used (amongst other things) for remote subterranean imaging...if that is the case, the question then becomes "What is it they are interested in seeing, below the ground, in the positions that the these sounds are being heard?".

I wish Omm Sety had said exactly where the "library" was - His Majesty Sety Ist said that he did not want it found - but, is what is happening, described in those ancient records? I think that Omm Sety was told much more than she revealed before she crossed over to Amenti. Sety the 1st lived 3000 years ago, and he told "Bentreshy" (Dorothy Eady (aka Omm Sety) that the records in the old library were ancient to him. Just food for thought.

Whitley, perhaps William (Henry) might wish to add his thoughts on this subject as well.

Charles, are you the long time subscriber Charles? Over ten years now? 'Book review' Charles? If so, great to see you again...

Was there any FRACKING in the area?

I find it interesting that these sorrowful sounds were first recorded in Kiev, Ukraine, and that country is now in a violent political upheaval....hmm.

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