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John Hogue returns for his 10th anniversary Dreamland predictions special, and he’s looking for 2014 to be a year of enormous change. Listen as he tells Whitley and Anne Strieber his predictions for the year. And Anne Strieber has a prediction of her own, a surprising one about advances in drone technology and where they may lead.

Unknowncountry subscribers, you can follow John’s predictions over the years–we’ve got them all the way back to his first show in 2004! You will be surprised at the accuracy of his hits. For example, he has not called a single presidential election incorrectly, and his predictions about storms have been uncannily accurate, and his 2014 predictions in this show are not to be missed!

John says, "Want to know why 2014 looks a lot like 1914? It begins a four-year period where systems of economy and politics that have long sustained us for a century will be forever and drastically changed. These kind of up-ending changes have not seen since the First World War and Revolutions upended 500-to-1,000 years of Monarchical Rule in Europe! Be prophetically prepared!"

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  1. Finally, we got it posted.
    Finally, we got it posted. The files got damaged due to a power surge/outage just as we were preparing them on Thursday morning. You would not know that now, though. They sound great!

    Sorry for the delay.

  2. LOL! There’s that
    LOL! There’s that electromagnetic connection again, Whitley! At least you didn’t purge the whole thing, as you would turn off streetlights. 😉
    It’s SO GOOD to hear Anne back with you on the air! My heart soars with joy for you!

  3. Anne, Whitley and John, I
    Anne, Whitley and John, I really enjoyed this interview and thought the subscriber interview even better.

    This is posted in the subscriber section and thought I would post it here as well for those who are not familiar with this account…..

    Tecumseh and the New Madrid Earthquake

    This true story reveals a hidden dimension to American History and Geology which shakes not only the earth, but our very rational conceptions of the relationship between Science and Spirit, between Geology and Gaia. This is what I call “HERSTORY,” and it is covered up because it forces us to confront certain political, racial and spiritual realities that are embarrassingly inconsistent with official dogmas. Yet, any thoughtful person must give a long pause to contemplate the implications of this untold tale.

    What might any geologist give to know how Tecumseh was able to predict with such accuracy? Most likely, what a geologist would have to sacrifice are his own sacrosant beliefs in the separation of Science and Spirit.

    There occurred a very hard shock one night, he sprang up and started to the window no doubt expecting to see the Lord and his angels coming in the clouds and hear Gabriels trumpet blow.


  5. Better late than never!!!!
    Better late than never!!!!

  6. It wasn’t late.
    It wasn’t late.

  7. I really enjoy the interviews
    I really enjoy the interviews with John Hogue. I find him witty and strangely uplifting, in spite of his often gloomy predictions. Do I expect him to be highly accurate? Not really. But I do expect him to be thought-provoking, and he always delivers. I try to listen to all of the Dreamland interviews, but those with Hogue are some of the few that I make it a point to listen to multiple times. Thank you for keeping him on the show!

    Also, Anne sounds great! I am very glad to hear the strength in her voice!

  8. this was really fascinating –
    this was really fascinating – esp stuff about eclipse shadows… had to listen several times … so intriguing…

  9. I always love listening to
    I always love listening to John, totally fascinating.

    And it’s great to hear Anne’s comments too, she sounds very well, and strong. Thank God.

  10. not so much ,but one of my
    not so much ,but one of my favorite actors (Phillip Seymore Hoffman) is now in paradise(which is what he was seeking- god bless him) —he’s there!

  11. Just finished the first show,
    Just finished the first show, but I couldn’t wait to post.

    Whitley and Anne, you guys sound great! Whitley sounds really happy, whatever you’re doing Anne keep it up!
    John as always reminds me of the helmsman, with his steady hand on the tiller. I’ve come to rely on him to guide us through the dangerous shoals of Cosmic Portents.

    Oh, to be a fly on the wall!

  12. echoes of above comments.
    echoes of above comments. Great show, lovely to hear Anne (looking forward to more insights from her :). You all sounded relaxed and rested and truly happy to be together doing this show — and it shows! John always has a perspective worth listening to . . . and if I was hearing him correctly — I have a great appreciation for John being open to the fact that the future can (many times) be improved upon thanks to his warnings of what lay looming on the horizon.

  13. Observation, or awareness,
    Observation, or awareness, can change an outcome (Schroedinger’s cat). This is one reason why predicting the future is so difficult to do. Also, you can never be sure if you have seen the true future, because there are many possibilities out there,and ALL is in motion changing outcomes moment to moment (The Butterfly Effect). John is never 100% correct on his predictions, but then no one is. He is, however, pretty good at following a time line, based on lots of factors, including his knowledge, intellect, instinct, and astrology. I am happy to see that John has lightened up over the years, and also seems more relaxed and human too. (And I am so glad that we are no longer speculating about who ‘Mabus’ really is!)

    Interesting show!

  14. Yes it was an excellent
    Yes it was an excellent interview but I wish john could have addressed more deeply how our changing consciousness will profoundly alter our world. It seems this factor is key to the profundity of the changes that come.

  15. Roger,
    Please read the


    Please read the current ‘Insight’ about the naming of asteroids. You may or may not get it all, but I got some ‘insight’ of my own, and it ties into your question about changing consciousness. My comments are posted there too. Of course, when you read my comments, you may wonder what I am getting at and what’s the point I am making, but that’s ok too! 🙂

  16. Hello,
    In this subscriber

    In this subscriber interview, John Hogue and the Striebers discuss Hogue’s fears regarding a coming eclipse where the moon’s shadow will cross 4 of 5 significant fault lines / areas in the U.S., especially the ‘New Madrid’. The discussion intimates that the eclipse alignment could cause earthquakes in these zones. John Hogue states that he has observed a ‘correlation’ between fault areas which were in the eclipse totality shadow and earthquakes that happen soon after in those areas.
    It appears that there is actual supportive science to explain this from none other than,
    …. T. Townsend Brown!
    I just finished reading ‘Covert Wars and the Clash of Civilizations’, by Joseph P. Farrell, Adventures Unlimited Press, 2013. In it, Farrell refers extensively and cites from a book by Paul Schatzkin, ‘Defying Gravity: the Parallel Universe of T. Townsend Brown’, Tanglewood Books, 2008. On pages 271-273, Farrell reproduces the text of a letter from T. T. Brown. I believe Brown’s statements on page 273 of Farrell’s book provide scientific support for John Hogue’s observed correlation and concerns.
    Farrell’s book is the third of a mini-series, and is not light reading, but very fascinating, and I couldn’t put the book down until I read it! I hope to get Schatzkin’s book soon as it is based on much researched documentation and interviews with T. T. Brown’s daughter.
    Hope this helps,

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