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A desperately sick American doctor makes an incredible discovery deep in the Australian Outback: there are powerful Aboriginal healers, but they are elusive. With only months to live, he sets out in search of some of the world’s most powerful healers…

A series of synchronicities led him, wheelchair and all, on an 18,000 mile journey to an isolated aboriginal village in the Outback, where he experienced profound healing that freed him of disease for many years.

Here his wife and fellow-practitioner Robbie Holz tells the story of his journey, and explains the power of little known aboriginal healing techniques that probably go back to the time before the great catastrophe of 12,800 years ago, during which most human cultures lost the ancient wisdom.

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  1. This is powerful and moving
    This is powerful and moving material. It’s a look into a different way of life and a different vision of the human body, that probably had its origins before the catastrophe 12,000 years ago that destroyed so much of human knowledge and wisdom.

    We recorded it in October, but waited to run it to see if the healing message it contains would have an effect on Anne’s illness. It did, we think. Her tumor is stable, and she is much recovered in both mind and body.

    Do give this lovely show a listen!

  2. “Annie’s in the room!”
    “Annie’s in the room!”

  3. “Her tumor is stable, and she
    “Her tumor is stable, and she is much recovered in both mind and body.”

    Incredibly happy to hear that, Whitley.

  4. uh, yea we have at our
    uh, yea we have at our disposal almost all the natural healing remedies in our local health grocers store (like Whole Foods), but you got to do the research and pinpoint your disease or ailment to the right herb or supplement. I’m going to say it’s easy!

  5. I’m so glad and grateful that
    I’m so glad and grateful that you shared, Anne & Whitley, an update about Anne’s health. All prayers, meditations and positive energy to you both. This interview’s so timely b/c a friend sent me a link TODAY about nature’s healing power for children–ppl, really– with ADHD. Guest Robbie Holz talked about the power of nature to heal. Synchronicity…again.

  6. What would have happened if
    What would have happened if Gary Holz had waited until medical doctors thought it was “scientific” to study with the Aborigines of Australia? The view of “credulous, crystal-wielding hippy” should shame you to the roots. The need to “appear” credible in a corrupt system until an authoritative voice gives you permission to observe the world as it is the worst kind of mealy-mouthed gunk. The weird belief that fear is the criterion of “authentic” UFO contact experience is right up there with the cowardly disavowal of “credulous, crystal-wielding hippy.”

  7. Note from a crystal-wielding
    Note from a crystal-wielding hippy. Two remarkable situations that I “handled” with crystals comes to mind. In one, I bought a used refrigerator when I moved to a new home in the middle of a heat wave 25 years ago. The refrigerator would not work for days after I plugged it in, and the obvious solution was to buy a new refrigerator. I had just spent a small fortune to move. I found the most expendable crystal I owned, which was a small dog carved in Mexico. I set up (programmed) the crystal to cool the refrigerator and work as it should, and then put the crystal in the freezer. Eight hours later the refrigerator was cooling nicely, and it worked as it should for years.

    My car badly needed an overhaul and valve job, soon after I had moved. Again, I didn’t have the $$$ to do the necessary overhaul for two weeks. And, again, I used the same method as I had with the refrigerator. The car ran perfectly for months, until I remembered (literally months later) later than I needed a valve job. My money flow was fine by then.

    When the mechanic looked at the car he asked me how I had gotten it to his shop. I told him I had driven the car there, and it was running fine. He said, “Lady, this car has three waterlogged valves.” (It was a four-cylinder Audi, and that meant only one cylinder was functioning.) He was so incredulous that I had driven the car to his shop with no problems, that I softened the blow to his belief of how the world works by telling him I had prayed with the car. This was, of course, true. I had said “prayers” when I had “programmed” it to run perfectly until I had the money for the valve job.

    The mechanic gave me a comprehending look and said: “I can believe it. Only prayer could get this car to run.” He could accept the idea that an externalized god or angel could perform a miracle, but old-fashioned human power was totally beyond his understanding. Had I told him I called in the power that energizes the entire universe, he would have had no clue. (I got to know this mechanic pretty well.) He was a well-trained Christian who believe that non-human agents could perform miracles, but the poor, needy little children were virtually powerless. I wanted to get my car fixed more than stir up his ethos of feeble humans imploring big gods, so I didn’t bother to tell him the whole prayer account.

    I am a conscious UFO experiencer and have never been terrified of the contacts. Whoever created the weird belief that fear is an essential element of authenticity in UFO experiences was a sadly broken human, who should have his/her mouth washed out with soap.

  8. Anne and Whitley…..Our
    Anne and Whitley…..Our beautiful and soul-mate of Whitley, how lovely it is to hear your voice. Thank you Robbie Holz for bringing this treasure trove regarding knowledge of the ancestors. I am sure our own Native American Indians as well as Indians all over the planet have much they could share too.

    Robbie, when you spoke of your husband Gary (physicist) coming to you every day at 8 O’clock, I was struck by the close resemblance/symbol for INFINITY …..Could this be why he chose that number? Perhaps the number 8 in itself is significant?

    I remember that same number (8) in the original 1985 movie, ‘BACK TO THE FUTURE.’ At the beginning of this movie, all of the clocks went off (alarms and all) at 8 O’clock.
    Infinity (symbol: ∞) is an abstract concept describing something without any limit and is relevant in a number of fields, predominantly mathematics and physics. The English word infinity derives from Latin infinitas, which can be translated as “unboundedness”, itself calqued from the Greek word apeiros, meaning “endless”.[1]

  9. Annie,
    Great to hear you! I

    Great to hear you! I have been using THC/CBD extract to treat a brain tumor in my beloved Service dog Kepler, a Bouvier des Flandres since he was diagnosed in May. It has kept the tumor from growing and thank God has given him many months of quality time. My vet and others at UC Davis saw his CT scan and did not give him more than a month or two. He is happy, in good weight, loves his meals, and in no pain.
    Like you, I had a stroke in 2008 and Kepler became my service dog and alerts me to seizures and guarded my blind area; now he is retired because the THC has compromised his good judgment LOL!
    Many prayers headed your way with all our love.
    Carol and Kepler

  10. Gaia, Dea Terra, la verde
    Gaia, Dea Terra, la verde delle foreste, quella chi ci dà la vita, dall’inizio alla fine, sei tu parte di noi e siamo noi parte di te.

    Gaia, Goddess of the Earth, green of the forest, she who gives us life, from beginning to end, you are part of us and we are part of you.

  11. It is so wonderful to know
    It is so wonderful to know you are doing so much better Anne and it is wonderful to have you back on. Blessings and love to you and Whitley!


  12. At dawn people gaze at trees,
    At dawn people gaze at trees, at dusk trees gaze at people – Don Juan Matus

  13. Anne and Whitley, I thought
    Anne and Whitley, I thought this to be interesting and synchronistic to the DREAMLAND interview this week and wanted to share.

    Whitley, yesterday evening I read….. Sleepers Awake….. Posted in Whitley’s space.

    YOU WROTE…..
    “Just after I finished posting Doorway to Other Worlds, which I have been working on for a couple of months, I chanced to hear Bach’s ‘Sleepers Awake.’ It took me back at once to my years as an active participant in the GURDJIEFF FOUNDATION, and to memories of one of the finest men I knew there, Martin W. Benson.”

    Today, a friend called and ask if wanted to go to an afternoon movie with her. We did and the movie was, ‘Saving Mr. Banks.’

    The scene opens as Mrs.Travers (P.L. Travers) is reading a book by GEORGE GURDJIEFF. Mrs.Travers shifts back and forth throughout the movie to scenes and memories from her childhood home in AUSTRALIA. The movie is about deep emotional pain and healing.

    Mary Poppins is the title character of a series of eight children’s books written by Australian novelist P. L. Travers.

  14. Anne, I send you wishes of
    Anne, I send you wishes of love, peace and restoration. Thank you. I am so grateful for the openness of thoughts of your life in which we all can learn and participate.

    I have felt a virtual shower of these truths you share coming from so many different sources recently. It has become a kind of “humming” background of existence.

    I believe we are here to help uncover truths for ourselves and each other, if we would only be aware of it. Thank you both for shining such a bright light in this world.

  15. Rejection is the hardest
    Rejection is the hardest thing to heal from because it goes to the core of our very being. Circumstances sometimes subject us to things we wish we could have avoided and hindsight is only 20/20. This is judgments by others of the harshest form but once we’ve moved through the grief we can see that other peoples judgments of us don’t matter. Learning to love ourselves and truly value ourselves for what we are is real freedom and perhaps put everything else in our world in the proper balance. In healing the truth will always set you free and the soul asks do you wish to remain the caterpillar or become a butterfly.

  16. I will definitely purchase a
    I will definitely purchase a copy of this book!

    I have had my own experiences with an Australian aborigine about 10 years ago. I had ordered a meditation CD of didgeridoo music. I have always felt the pull of Australia, so I thought it would be cool to listen to. One morning, I went to where Ellie Crystal featured Uluru (Ayers Rock) on her blog. That same afternoon I received the CD in the mail. I thought that this was more than coincidence, so later in the day I made a point of slipping on the ear buds, getting relaxed, closing my eyes and listening to the didgeridoo. Within moments I was ‘there’, in the Outback. I looked down and realized that I had on my hiking shoes. I started walking towards a large hill in the distance and I was soon joined by a dingo keeping pace beside me. As we walked, I saw a figure up ahead and soon came face to face with an aborigine man with the biggest smile you ever saw. He motioned for me to follow him, and as the sun set, we finally reached the ‘hill’, Uluru. Since it was getting dark, the man fashioned and lit a torch and motioned for me to enter a small cave in Uluru. I asked if he was going to go into the cave with me, but he shook his head ‘no’ and motioned for me to enter again, handing the torch over to me. I got the distinct feeling that he was not allowed to enter the cave. I walked into the small cave, which was no bigger than an average sized bedroom. The dingo was still beside me as I held up the torch and marveled at the swirls, circles, and spirals painted on the walls. I sensed a feeling of creation inside this place. I stepped back out of the cave and the aborigine again motioned for me to follow him. He put out the torch, and we then proceeded to climb Uluru in the dark. After what seemed like forever, and after many scratches, bruises and bumps, we got to the top. I was winded after the climb, and although it was dark, the light from the stars gave just enough light for me to see the man with his right arm extended upward at the sky. Once again, I saw his brilliant smile lighting up in the dark. I was kind of like, “You dragged me all they way up here just to show me the sky?” He just nodded, then motioned that it was time to leave. At that point, I was no longer on top of Uluru, but trekking back across the Outback with the dingo. The dingo soon left me and I was back ‘here.’

    After that, you can bet that I did some serious research on Uluru! One of the things that I found out was that Uluru does have quite a few caves. More interesting still, some of those caves were specific for men or women, with some of the caves designated as ‘birthing’ caves for women only—generations of children came into the world in these caves.

    Soon thereafter, I became acquainted with a lady who was doing research via satellite images. Her name was Angela Micol, and Whitley had interviewed her a couple of times on ‘Dreamland’. Immediately after my little ‘Walkabout’ I remembered Angela’s research, which included triangles in satellite images that resembled markers or pointers in the landscape. I ‘knew’ that there were triangles near Uluru and within moments I found them as I searched on the ‘Earth from Space’ website. I passed the images on to Angie.Satellite Discoveries is no longer around, but remnants of my ‘discovery’ are still found on the internet:

    This one is the original image, complete with Angie’s circles around the triangles:

    Further research about Australia turned up more clues, but I simply do not have the time to go into all of it here, but I did document all in my old journal. Suffice to say that it includes more ‘creation’ themes. I even made contact with a gentleman in Australia via introduction from Ellie Crystal, who validated some things for me, and even tried to get me to go to Australia to meet the man that he felt sure was my aborigine guide. At the time I was so busy with home, job, and family, and little funds, so I simply was not able to make the journey.

    Thanks for this interview…It’s got the juices flowing again! 🙂

  17. I re-read Mutant Downunder a
    I re-read Mutant Downunder a while ago a similar story about powerful healing.A wonderful interview and I am so happy Anne is taking the oil.Much love to you both

  18. I re-read Mutant Downunder a
    I re-read Mutant Downunder a while ago a similar story about powerful healing.A wonderful interview and I am so happy Anne is taking the oil.Much love to you both

  19. I was tremendously moved by
    I was tremendously moved by the love and sadness in your voice Whitley. Hearing Anne’s soft, wise words was not just heart wrenching but truly inspiring .

    When hale and hearty, we all bravely blather about “the undiscovered country from which no traveller returns” , but those who are weakened, pained and see the exit door clearly…. and still manage to smile, laugh and make others feel there is hope, are exceptional beings.

    You two are blessed to have one another and I think that Anne’s work here is not yet done and I look forward to more
    pearls of wisdom from you both. Be well!

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