Melinda Leslie Returns to Tell Us about Military Abductions and Hybrids

September 17, 2021
 This week's Dreamland: We don't normally bring a guest back after just a month, but this interview is brain-bending. Melinda Leslie of UFOSightingTours joined us on August 6 to talk about her UFO sightings tours and much besides. However, we... continued

Hard-Hitting Interview with Fade to Black’s Jimmy Church

September 10, 2021
Whitley Strieber and Jimmy Church have been friends for many years, and in this interview--more of a discussion between two colleagues--they get deeply into questions such as the quest to get aliens who Anjali Shultz believes have a hidden base... continued

Facing Our Shadows: Ray Grasse on Mysteries, Alien Encounters and the Onrushing Future

September 3, 2021
Ray Grasse is one of the pre-eminent astrologers of our time, with a specialty in world astrology that looks at life, culture and nations from an astrological perspective. In the first hour of the show, he tells us about his... continued

Richard Dolan on the Nonhuman Presence: What Do They Want and is Disclosure Dangerous?

August 27, 2021
Famed UFO analyst and researcher Richard Dolan joins Whitley for this searching exploration of just what our visitors may want. You'll learn about the mysterious microcephalin gene that is what caused the human brain to grow larger when it appeared... continued

Anne Strieber with a New Vision of the Soul

August 20, 2021
According to Anne Strieber, we assume that our souls are a nonphysical duplicate of our bodies because we have no "sense of the soul." In her diary entry of August 12, 2021, she outlines a completely new vision of what... continued

Linda Moulton Howe and Whitley on Mysterious Booms Recorded at His House, then Mia Feroleto on the Power of the Final Consciousness and Contact Conference

August 13, 2021
On July 15, Whitley was meditating at about 4AM when two loud booms detonated in quick succession outside of his house. He assumed that they were firecrackers and thought nothing of it. But then, at 3:56 AM on July 23,the... continued

UFOs and the REAL Deep State

July 30, 2021
This week on Dreamland, we cover the REAL deep state and the UFO coverup as never before. The idea of the deep state has been discredited by extreme and unbelievable claims--almost as if an effort is underway to hide it... continued

Dreamland this Week: The Extraordinary Contacts of Deb Kauble (the Subject of Budd Hopkins’ Intruders): Prepare to be Amazed, Awed and Lifted to a New Level

July 23, 2021
Debra Jordan-Kauble was the "Kathie Davis" of Budd Hopkins' classic book of abduction, "Intruders." Here, she joins Whitley for one of the most moving and inspirational editions of Dreamland that we have ever recorded. Whitley considers Debbie's new book a... continued

David Metcalfe on UFOs, UAPs, ET Contact, Black Magic and the Secrets of the Ages

July 16, 2021
Dreamland this week: David Metcalfe is a brilliant polymath whose explorations of the UFO/UAP/ET phenomenon (phenomena??) are among the deepest you are going to find.  If you look him up on Google or DuckDuckGo, you will find that he is... continued

A Hidden Hall has been Found in the Great Pyramid. Expert Scott Creighton Reveals Its Incredible Meaning

July 9, 2021
Dreamland this week: There is a void in the Great Pyramid at Giza. What is in it? What is it telling us about the lost past and maybe the future? Renowned expert Scott Creighton reveals research that suggests that what... continued