Is It Time To Go For Good?

January 19, 2021
In this solo show, host Jeremy Vaeni continues to answer listener questions. First, though, he has a heart to heart with listeners about why he is strongly considering leaving the show and ufology for good, literally and figuratively. For a... continued

What Really Happened In Rendlesham Forest

January 12, 2021
  We may never know what really happened during the infamous Rendlesham Forest Incident, but with Nick Redfern's new book,, the plot just thickened. Was it a UFO incident? A psychological experiment? How certain is Nick of anything? We'll talk... continued

The Authentic Self

December 15, 2020
Why do we talk about the self as though it is something separate from us? Why has host Jeremy Vaeni never interviewed Hank Wesselman? Can only certain people get rid of the Freudian ID? What do all of these questions... continued

Meet The New Psychics

December 9, 2020
In two previous episodes we heard about a Facebook group dedicated to identifying "super powers" in people and then developing them. Now, Winter, the creator of said group, is here to explain who she is, how this came to her... continued

Making A Children’s Book In A Mad World

December 1, 2020
John Randall returns, this time not as an experiencer, but as the illustrator who brought to life host Jeremy Vaeni's children's book, The Story of Toe: A Love Story for Everyone. Join John and Jeremy as they give insight into... continued

The Story of Toe

November 24, 2020
Aloha, Listeners! Jeremy Vaeni here. The Experience is off this week but will return next week. If I'm not mistaken, though, the episode of Dreamland I recorded with Whitley will air this week. It focuses on my new book, I... continued

Hauntings And Hallucinations In Hawaii

November 17, 2020
Hawaii Island is a land of great spirit and mystery. Some people experience that spirit and mystery abstractly and for some, it is in their faces. Meet "Isabella." She experiences Hawaii both ways. We will speak with her briefly. Then,... continued

Teleportation, Future and Past Viewing–The Humans They are A-Changin’: Superheroes are Real!

November 10, 2020
This week on Jeremy Vaeni's The Experience: Shawn, our guest on the first episode back from hiatus, told us about a group of people who have come together to hone their psychic ability to teleport. He mentioned someone in the... continued

COVID and the Paranormal–Is There a Connection?

October 28, 2020
Binnall of America host and Coast To Coast AM writer, Tim Binnall, joins us to discuss whether or not more people have been reporting paranormal experiences than normal since the COVID outbreak. Then, we take a deep dive into some... continued

Ufology: the Unasked Questions

October 23, 2020
Roswell, Rendlesham, Gulf Breeze, The Phoenix Lights, AATIP.... What's left to ask? A lot. Let's get to it with The Grays Have Been Framed author and ufological reporter, Jack Brewer.   Join Jack along The UFO Trail  here: continued