Pain, a Short Story by Whitley Strieber

March 12, 2013
Pain was written between mid-December 1985 and mid-January 1986. It is the last thing I wrote before becoming conscious of the close encounter experience I had on December 26, 1985. While I was writing it, uneasy and confused memories of that experience were flowing through my mind, and I was beginning the process of research that ... continued

Bearing Negative Energy

December 15, 2012
Today one of the most terrible crimes in recent years was committed in the United States, the murder of innocent schoolchildren and their teachers. It is the seventh mass murder perpetrated in this country in just the past year. Here, Whitley Strieber discusses how, as good people seeking higher consciousness, we should react to such ... continued

Change of Being: the Meditation

August 4, 2012
A few weeks ago, Whitley Strieber had one of the most powerful experiences of his life, which is discussed in detail in his online blog, Whitley’s Journal, under the title Change of Being. He begins with two stories about what he calls ‘the dangerous sacred.’ Both of these stories are completely unforgettable. As is the meditation, a thing ... continued

Whitley’s 2012 Dreamland Festival Address

June 8, 2012
This year at the Dreamland Festival, Whitley Strieber’s address was filled with new information, wisdom and revelations about the true nature of the close encounter experience. Not only that, it contains startling new information about the practicality of moving through the universe, based on recent scientific discoveries about the fact that such things as wormholes are ... continued

A Brief But Profound UFO Sighting

May 11, 2012
On May 10, 2012 at 12:35 AM, I had a brief sighting of an enormous UFO. It was preceded by an unusual experience and followed by the most powerful meditation of my life, in forty plus years of regular meditation. This talk describes the what happened, as best I am able. continued

Exploring Sudden Change

April 26, 2012
This meditation guides us to an inner stance that enable us to be prepared for the future and even to glimpse what our inner self may sense is in store. It contains material about the journey of life, and the greater journey of the soul through the vastness of time. continued

The Possibility of Contact

January 13, 2012
Since Whitley Strieber published Communion in 1987, UFO sightings, crop formations, close encounters and many other unusual phenomena have become more and more common. Could contact happen? If so, Whitley Strieber says that it is going to be very, very different from what we expect. continued

Darkness Visible

October 28, 2011
Whitley Strieber created Darkness Visible for Halloween, 2011. The story is a darkly beautiful contemplation of what might happen if the nature of reality changed very suddenly, and we found ourselves, in a matter of moments, living in a new word. continued

Whitley Strieber on the Outbreak of Storms

April 16, 2011
As Whitley Strieber has been predicting for months, an extremely violent spring has followed the extremely cold winter of 2010-2011. But why and, above all, what can we expect in the future? Beginning with his book Nature’s End in 1985, Whitley has never been wrong about our changing climate. Now that ... continued

Whitley Strieber Reads from Hybrids: the Adventure Continues…

February 10, 2011
Whitley Strieber continues his reading of his new book ‘Hybrids,’ which is due to be published on April 12, 2011. Chapter Two contains absolutely startling information about how people are made to forget abductions, why they are abducted and even how many are abducted each night, and what transpired underground in Dulce, New Mexico. All ... continued