Whitley’s Critical Mass radio tour

February 28, 2009
Listen to Whitley’s WILD Critical Mass Author Tour as He Talks to Radio Stations Across the Nation. NOTE: This show summary, previously published on our old site, may contain broken links. continued

Crop Circle Meditation Eight & Nine

March 1, 2008
Whitley Strieber presents the final two meditations in his "Crop Circle" series. The meditations are called "Meditating with the Living" and "Meditating with the Dead." They are something completely new. There has never been anything like them. Please note that the interview with Dr. Edgar Mitchell he makes reference to in Meditation 9 will appear ... continued

Crop Circle Meditation Seven

December 29, 2007
Whitley Strieber’s seventh meditation in the crop circle series. In this meditation, he demonstrates how to extend meditative awareness out of the body. The technique works whether you are able to have OBEs or not, and is the precursor to the two final meditations in the series: meditating with the souls of the living, and ... continued

Crop Circle Meditation Six

November 10, 2007
This week we return to Whitley Strieber’s astonishing Crop Circle Meditation Series, that uses crop circles in a whole new way. He delivers his sixth of nine meditations, and it is a wonderful companion to the interview with Wayne Dyer, because this meditation series is also about changing our thought patterns–in this case by using ... continued

Crop Circle Meditation Five

September 26, 2007
Whitley Strieber offers for our subscribers the fifth in his series of nine crop circle meditations. This one deals with side two of the second triad, the triad of the mind. Side one was understanding, side two is knowledge. Listen as Whitley takes us down the road to a kind of inner knowledge that we seldom ... continued

Crop Circle Meditation Four

September 8, 2007
Whitley Strieber begins the second of three triads of mediation using crop circles as a means of imprinting new thought patterns. The first triad was the triad of the body. The second is the triad of the mind. Click on the image for a larger version of the pattern to use during the meditation. continued

Crop Circle Meditation Three

August 21, 2007
In this meditation, Whitley Strieber brings together what has been learned from the first meditation, on understanding, and the second on knowledge, and creates the third, or reconciling side of the triad. This meditation has to do with the butterfly effect, or the power of a human being in harmony–a balanced triad. Click on the ... continued

Crop Circle Meditation Two

August 4, 2007
As was reported on Unknowncountry.com this week, there was a stunning UFO event over Stratford in the UK on July 25, which involved a formation of UFOs that maneuvered into the triangular formation pictured here. The objects were seen by hundreds of people, and the claim that they are merely lanterns or hot air balloons is ... continued

Crop Circle Meditation One

July 21, 2007
Whitley Strieber begins his series of meditations that utilize crop circles as a means of actually patterning the brain. Click on the image for a larger version of the circle to use during the meditation. continued

Cygnus Meditation

May 12, 2007
Whitley offers his Cygnus meditation and tells a powerful story about how something he learned from OBE master Robert Monroe twenty years ago relates DIRECTLY to Andrew Collins’s discoveries! continued