This very odd thread on one of the Apple support boards suggests that there may be some sort of hidden capability built into iPhones. If they are mysteriously taking pictures when turned off, can that be activated by some sort of a signal from the outside? Cellphones transmit detailed data about peoples’ whereabouts to their providers. Could it be that the iPhone, at least, can be ordered to take pictures via a backdoor process? Creepy.

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  1. The obvious sure-fire
    The obvious sure-fire solution to this (until Apple “fixes” it) is to cover the camera with a bit of masking tape. Don’t use electrical or duct tape, that’ll just leave adhesive residue on the lens cover.

  2. OMG, thanks for the heads up!
    OMG, thanks for the heads up! I have a new iPad 2 on the way and will definitely cover the front and back cameras when not in use. We really have to remain vigilant with technology becoming increasingly invasive to privacy–far more invasive than the general public realizes. Reminds me of that creepy story from last year where a school set up laptops with remote-controlled video cameras and loaned them out to students for home use.

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