CBS news reported today that US Northern Command is now considering how they would respond if Flight 307 might end up being an attack on the homeland. This is good news, because the US has extensive resources, many of which have classified capabilities, and would almost certainly be able to detect the plane prior to its arrival on our shores. I think that both Europe and China are at risk, as well as Israel, and I hope that all of these governments also take all possible precautions until the plane is found.

It should not be forgotten by anybody involved that transponders can be reprogrammed, and this plane could be made to appear to be something other than what it is. For example, it could be made to appear to be a general aviation flight, which routinely provide minimal information about their routes and intentions.

Although it is looking more like the plane went down in the Indian Ocean, vigilance is essential if the world’s cities are to be protected from this potential and very great menace.

If the plane was intentionally crashed into the Indian Ocean, it means that an effort was made to cause the maximum amount of pain to the families of the passengers, by leaving them without cloture, perhaps forever. There has been a great deal of tension in China with ethnic Uighur Muslims rioting and committing terrorists acts.

In either case, this continues to be a dreadful situation and needs careful watching by all of us, and especially those in a position to find this plane.

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  1. What about this place? Could
    What about this place? Could one fly a jumbo jet in/near here? If they only want the plane, maybe they could have dropped the passengers off somewhere (or they ran away and hid) during a refueling stop or ??? I dont know if this place is still 6 hours by jungle (walking) or not, but they show a road and truck in the beginning of the video. I wonder how far the road shown in the beginning of the clip is from the cave. Could a jumbo jet land on the road if there was sufficient straight road? Also, the largest cave in the world has two sky windows (one is shown at 1:00). This is a relatively newly discovered cave (2009) and they have been preparing it for public tours beginning after March 2014.? Any big private landing strips in a jungle (near a cave)? Or does stuff like that only happen in the movies? I also wonder how difficult it wld be to remove some of these location devices (in the air) and simply drop them in the ocean.

  2. If you abide by Occam’s Razor
    If you abide by Occam’s Razor that all things being equal that the simplest explanation is most likely the correct one, then the first reports may be correct—the plane ‘disappeared’ and maybe we have all been over-thinking what may have happened. The how and why? CNN seems to have come close on it and backed off. I said in another post that I felt the Malaysian airliner was taken remotely. I still feel that way, and that the plane was directed elsewhere. That elsewhere may have been ‘nowhere’. And no, I don’t sense it is about aliens.

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