It really isn’t possible that this could be happening, but it is. The sun is changing radioactive decay rates, and it’s throwing physicists into a tizzy. This should be completely and totally impossible. The fact that it’s happening is testament to just how little we know. It will affect us, all of us, in unknown ways, and soon.

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  1. “solar neutrinos might hold

    “solar neutrinos might hold the key to this mystery”
    The fact that the scientist was measuring an element in decay , in winter -on the other side of the earth, when the solar flare happened is wild…did it move through the earth?
    Amazing…will this mean more accurate carbon dating with seasonal variation?

  2. William Henry’s interview
    William Henry’s interview with David Sereda pointed out that the only influence that we have cataloged that can bypass shielding as dense as our planet is thought itself, a fascinating idea.
    Otherwise, unless researchers can determine if these fluctuations are either a new phenomenon, or if they’ve always been happening, all bets are off in terms of retroactively re-calculating carbon-14 dating results.

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