From the Hybrids frontispiece:

"Biological intelligence will be viewed as merely the midwife of
‘real’ intelligence—the powerful, scalable, adaptable, immortal
sort that is characteristic of the machine realm."
                                          –Paul Davies, The Eerie Silence

"We have the right stuff now to build real brains."
                                           –Hewett-Packard Representative
                                              New York Times, April 8, 2010

"If I was an intelligent machine, I would deceive you."
                                           –The Master of the Key
                                              From the Key

My hybrids are not strictly of the human-alien variety. They are what happens when alien science and human science meet in hidden laboratories, as may be happening now. And our side realizes that something new could be created that’s more powerful than we are and, above all, smarter than we are. But wait a second–smarter? Won’t they be able to outsmart us, then? To do exactly what they want to us?

Yes. They. Will.



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  1. Whitley…Please read chapter
    Whitley…Please read chapter 4–I can’t wait until April 12! I just re-read “2012–The War For Souls” & your beautiful descriptions of Human souls is helping me thru a family tragedy that happened this weekend. Not to mention all the clues that I keep putting together with other things I have learned for so many years & continue to learn about what the heck is coming down. You are one of the greatest writers of our species. Thank you for every wonderful book.

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