Take a look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_k6lhuC2ms It seems completely clear that this foreign national was essentially escorted onto Delta 253 without a passport by a US agent. So, was he acting in an official capacity, or was he, also a terrorist, or have the two become the same? A lot of questions, though: why would a terrorist bother to show up without a passport? Was the bomb designed to fail, or was it a bad design? There are getting to be WAY too many questions about terrorism and the war on terror. Is it a war on terror or a war on our freedoms, or both?

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  1. It is my strong suspicion the
    It is my strong suspicion the “underwear bomber” is a CIA mind control victim and that he was not acting under his own will.

    If you may recall he was described, well, to quote a daily telegraph article at the time of incident “All the while, Mr Abdulmatallab seemed dazed”. ..”He was staring into nothing.”

    He fits the bill in terms of what we’re currently conditioned to fear, and I think the incident was authored to garner continued complacency for using something like 2/3rds of our tax dollars on destroying people and countries in the Mideast.

  2. Thanks for the attention to
    Thanks for the attention to this whitley I had not noticed it. It sadly is not surprising to me, anyone who has ways to profit on security, military, and even death will find excuses and ways to make more ‘need’ for their product. Now how we find a way to end this corrupt rule of corporations and military industrial complex over governments I dont know, but I am looking forward to the day..
    This video is also a good one about the topic that supplements yours well; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThqgrQKgA3A&feature=related

  3. Just like the glazier with a
    Just like the glazier with a glass store riding around at night with a slingshot.

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