It’s got to be the worst Supreme Court in history. First, there’s one justice who violates the ethics laws and isn’t prosecuted and who actually NEVER TALKS. A bitter, vicious old creep, to say the least. Then they call corporations people but special people, who can disobey the law but can’t go to jail. Now they spit on the graves of our soldiers. For shame.

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  1. Such venom against Justice
    Such venom against Justice Thomas! Unbecoming, sophomoric, eminently contestable.

  2. Sounds sadly accurate to me.
    Sounds sadly accurate to me. The “interpreters” of the Constitution are in fact its’ direst enemies. John Marshall is spinning in his grave.

  3. Whitley, slight change of
    Whitley, slight change of subject …
    Don’t we need to talk about the NYSE stock exchange being taken over by a German (Dutch?) company?
    Isn’t that a blending of stock offerings that undermines our sovereignty?

    Thanks, John Sanders

  4. While I don’t like the
    While I don’t like the decision, either, I have not been able to think of how the U.S.A. can restrict hate speech without violating the 1st Amendment. Therefore, I’m not sure how they could have decided otherwise.

  5. While I agree with your
    While I agree with your assessment of this particular Court’s historical standing, I believe they made the correct decision. I’ve long maintained that the best response to hate speech isn’t less speech, but more “better” speech. The hatemongers at the WBC have the right to say all sorts of horrible things, but we not only retain the right to ignore them, but also the same freedom of speech to spread a much more cogent, insightful, and loving sort of communication… one that shows them out for the intolerant, ignorant people they are.

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