In Solving the Communion Enigma, I mention that I was experiencing a powerful sense of my mother’s presence while in a back yard at an evening party. Somebody noticed the expression on my face, and took this photograph. I am facing toward the source of the feeling that she was there. In the darkness there are some large trees. Nobody, including the photographer, saw the small light that appears in the picture, just where I felt her presence. With me is Constance Clear, a psychologist who had a group for close encounter witnesses, who died tragically a few years later.

In the second photo, I am still facing in the direction of the object and still deeply in communication with my mother. The orb has now grown dimmer and is moving away. A moment later, I felt that she had gone.

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  1. Absolutely wonderful!
    Absolutely wonderful!

  2. Poor Constance! I met her at
    Poor Constance! I met her at a Gulf Breeze conference about fifteen years ago. A sweet humble sincere soul. She must have been on the right track to have been taken out that way. Like Karla Turner. She’s moved on into the Light, God bless her, and she won’t have to suffer through the shift like the rest of us. Requisat in pacem!

  3. 5 Years ago, on Winter
    5 Years ago, on Winter Solstice ,an array of orbs showed up on my photos of a gathering/celebration. Of particular interest was a luminous Orb with delicate tracery in the shape of a spider. My friend and mentor had posed us together for the photo & the Orb appeared overlapping our skirts. My friend’s totem is Spider.
    Since that time I have photographed thousands of Orbs , indoors & out, at various events. They love to show up at any gathering where people are enjoying themselves with high energy. The events don’t have to be spiritual in nature, just Fun! They don’t appear when I’m doing photography for business ads, thankfully.
    Last summer, after my husband was asleep, I felt compelled to go outside for some reason. The next thing I knew, I was lying in the bushes off the back porch staring peacefully at the star filled night. I felt warm & comfortable & very much at peace. I remember thinking, I’m lying on a bed of Orbs and they are softer than my own bed. After awhile, I got up & went inside & woke my husband. The next morning, I saw that the shrubs were all flattened in the shape of my form where I had lain. Where my head had been was a concrete block & a metal pipe sticking out!. I should have been badly injured or worse, but only suffered a wrenched knee. In any case, I feel a benevolent presence in my life & the Orbs that are my companions must play a role in that.

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