And CNN, Fox, etc., look down their noses at Arab state media who don’t report their protests accurately. No matter what position we take on the Wisconsin protests, we deserve accurate reporting.

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  1. I am out here in Madison.
    I am out here in Madison. Whitley, we met last year at the Black Swan. I am a part-time state employee and know many who also are incensed that the reporting is so shallow. I even called and wrote NPR to tell them several key issues were incorrectly reported, but no corrections or comments were returned. Two days before the protests started, there was an odd event out here. I was woken by what seemed like a huge photographic flash at 2:33 am. The house and street were quiet. The next morning my whole car electrical system has been reset, as if the battery had been disconnected. Odder yet, two people I work with who live within 10 miles of me had the same thing happen, and we discussed what it may have been: EMP?

  2. For quite some time now, I’ve
    For quite some time now, I’ve been directed to pay attention to the name “Walker” by my subconscious, although I haven’t had any idea of why the name was important. Over the past week, the references have intensified greatly… Something’s up.

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