For me, it’s a big shrug. We’ll know by Monday, but somehow I sense that we’ll all still be here. In the long run, there are going to be big quakes, no question. But I just don’t think that they’re all that related to supermoons and solar activity. Otherwise, this place would be in a state of permanent rubble, because solar flares are real common and supermoons aren’t that rare. Still, it’s a creepy time around here, waiting for a quake and watching local radiation monitors tick along a hair above normal. I have to admit that I topped up our earthquake kit on Thursday, just to be safe. Safe? What does that even mean, nowadays?

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  1. Yesterday about this time of
    Yesterday about this time of day SpaceWeather did not expect this to happen.

    ICONIC ERUPTION: A huge filament of magnetism and hot plasma blasted off the sun’s southwestern limb today, March 19th, at around 1200 UT. The eruption was not Earth-directed, but it was iconic. Just look at this snapshot recorded by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory:

  2. I have intermittent anxiety
    I have intermittent anxiety in my chest. Something is up. Do not know what. Suspect Seattle/Vancouver quake. Hope I am wrong.

  3. Safe simply means that one is
    Safe simply means that one is ready to face an otherwise adverse situation. Shoganai indeed: Our purpose here is not to simply survive the river of the future, but rather to learn how to shoot the rapids like experts when we encounter them.
    I’ve been trying to suss out what this latest vibe is about since Thursday. On the afternoon of the 17th, I took a nap and had a dream where I was getting a tool from the basement, when I felt the overwhelming urge to break down crying over something. It was over an event that hadn’t happened yet, and I figured getting that out of the way ahead of time would be a good idea. I didn’t know what this event was at the time, but I got the sense that something was leaving or ending, like a favourite movie coming to an end.

  4. An earthquake kit is only
    An earthquake kit is only useful if its not buried under rubble. There is no safe place to store one. It will only be of use to those not seriously hit.

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