Now there’s supposedly going to be an alien invasion on November 27–yes, that’s right, yet another alien invasion is being predicted. Fortunately for the few sane people still hiding under rocks here on planet earth, a definite date is being given. So, in case anybody is seriously worried about this silly-season idiocy, have a happy Thanksgiving, in case it is your last! As for me, I am not expecting an invasion in November or anytime soon. The idea that such a thing would even be possible is absurd. First, what is happening here may or may not involve aliens. Nobody knows. Second, if they are here, why invade earth? It’s like the absurd idea that "the Annunaki" came here in the past to get gold. What? Why not get it from a source that wasn’t full of irritating people? The answer given is, because they wanted to use us as slaves. Ridiculous. Our slaves have already been replaced, and we’re just starting out with technological civilization. If aliens who can somehow fly around the universe at impossible speeds need anything, they certainly aren’t going to bother taking it from an ant nest like this one. They’ll go to one of the many, many planets which don’t harbor annoying little creatures like us, and gather what they need in peace.

I am getting emails from people worried about this latest rumor. My advice? Forget it entirely. It’s ridiculous and it isn’t going to happen. Have a nice November 28th!

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  1. Trust us oh human SHEEP. We
    Trust us oh human SHEEP. We are NOT invading. You have nothing we want…yet. We have no use for Blue-ray DVDs nor Starbucks frappachinos. Our versions are FAR better.

  2. First, I agree with you
    First, I agree with you completely in the first part part of your comment. It appears, in the second part, that you take exception to an idea I’ve heard presented (and apparetly elsewhere) in the “Ancient Aliens” series on the History channel. It appears to be partly rooted in mythology/ancient writings. It also is embellished with conjecture (if this, then maybe this type of thinking)–true enough. I prefer to keep an open mind about this. One thing to consider: if true, the aliens may have come here because our planet was (and is) blessed with ample natural resources such as gold and they were not physically adept as our ancestors at mining. Just a thought . . .


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